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My cat has blood in/on her anus!

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I feed my cat Meow Mix and give her filtered water. I bathe her one a week with an anti flea soap with warm water. I don't use any other producta on her. She poops normally nothing like blood or anything. Although today in the morning I saw her licking/grooming her anus and I figured that's normal for a cat to do! And a couple minutes after she went into te liter and put her front paws on the edge of the box and basically peed standing up. Today I grabbed her after she spent a day under my bed and she was in the middle of pagan, grooming /licking her anus. I saw some blood and my first thought was she has her period? I Googled it and I read cats don't bleed? I'm confused and scared frown.gif I haven't haven her, her shos. She's an indoor cat and she's about 5 months? frown.gif I'm also a very first time cat owner and I'm in hs with no job hence my cat not having her shots… S.O.S
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Please stop bathing her with the flea soap! Many over-the-counter flea products are dangerous, or even fatal, for cats. I haven't heard of flea products causing bleeding, but it's still something you don't want to be putting on her.

There are so many things that could cause rectal bleeding it's not possible give a diagnosis on the internet. Are you sure it was coming from her rectum? If it's actually in her urine it could be a very serious problem.

She really needs to be seen by a vet to check her health, get her shots, and be spayed. You could call your local shelter to get information about low-cost spay/neuter clinics. They might also be able to help you find a vet who will work with you on costs.

Back to the flea treatment. Why are you bathing her so often? Does she have fleas or is it just preventative? Anything that has to be applied weekly is obviously not working. Even if she has fleas you need to be using a prescription product that you get from a vet. She might need to be treated two or even three times if she's badly infested, but it is likely to be once a month, not weekly.

What is your kitten's name? vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif that it's nothing serious.
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I will do so thank you smile.gif her name is Patuña smile.gif
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Hi there welcome along to TCS :)


I can only echo what GoldyCat has said

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If she starts meowing a LOT, and tries to escape, she could be coming into heat. But the only safe thing to do is bring her to the vet. Call and see if they'll take payments. She could have kidney trouble, it could be a million things. You could call a vet and ask for help, describe her symptoms and see if they will tell you what it could be. You might try your Humane society and see if they can suggest anything. Sometimes just straining can cause a little blood, but if she's acting differently somethings wrong.

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I second what Goldy says. Over the counter flea and worming products are very, very risky to use on cats.

If Patuna is not spayed she could be going into heat, hence the blood and licking. If it is from her anus, she could be constipated. One of my cats, on occasion, will become constipated and have some blood after a poop. She will need a vet if this keeps up. vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif Petuna!!!
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Originally Posted by Feralvr View Post

If Patuna is not spayed she could be going into heat, hence the blood and licking.


Cats don't bleed when they are in season, unlike dogs.

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Sounds to me like a urinary tract infection! She needs to get to the vet now! She needs to be checked out and put on antibiotics. And I also echo the others please stop bathing her so much and giving her flea medication. That can be toxic. 

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Hi LittleMelissa, I have literally just come back from the vet because my 12 week old kitten seems to have been passing blood when he passes stools- I noticed blood on his anus as well, so I've just come back from the vet, and I can tell you what some of the possibilities are...

It might be giagardia (might have spelt that wrong...) which is a parasite- if it is the vet will do a stool sample to make sure and give kitty some meds to clear it up.
If not, it might be colitis (inflamed guts) which is what my little Tom has- they've given him some antibiotics and medicated cat food for two weeks and it should clear right up!

Hopefully that's alleviated your worry somewhat- I was panicking like anything, but apparently quite a lot of little kittens can get similar problems and it's rarely something serious!
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Could it also be that I use the scented clay liter? Which btw isn't that great! I prefer the corn :p it's better to clean ! also,  It had just started yesterday 1/22 morning. She also spent all day (1/22) hiding under my bed and when I pick her up she is some what moody (aren't most cats though?) She's very lovable in the mornings only. I will take your guy's advice on calling the vet about her shots and all :) thanks a lot! I will stop the baths with the flea, is it still okay that I shower her EVERY now and then with just lukewarm water or baby shampoo? She does start to stink after a while D: And i think it is because she doesn't always groom herself because I've always bathed her with flea soap because when she was a new born she did have fleas. Not now I usually use it to be preventative.

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Note to the previous poster that colitis in a cat doesn't just clear up! it's something that has to be monitored and can sometimes become chronic. Also to LittleMelissa, please don't bath her in baby shampoo as the chemicals are way too harsh for a kitty to be licking that stuff off her fur. Make sure to get something all natural that is made for kitties. If she's not grooming that much then something is wrong. That's one of the signs a cat will give that there is more going on here than usual. Please take her to the vet to be checked out and write all of this down so you can tell the vet about her not grooming, the blood, etc. 

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I agree with what every one else is saying, please get her to a vet asap, she sounds like she could also be in some pain, & if it is anything serious, she probably is, & it needs to be caught before it gets worse, (& will be even more expensive for you) . If she is indoor only, you shouldn't have to use any flea preventive anymore, but yes, over the counter stuff for that is very dangerous!  I hope it's nothing to serious, & keep us posted on what the vet says. vibes.gifvibes.gif

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I will be taking her to the vet this Saturday for her shots andi will keep you guys posted! I will ask questions about the blood smile.gif
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Please tell the vet ahead of time what's going on because if she's sick she should not be getting her shots! A sick kitty should never be given their shots until they're well.

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Originally Posted by finnlacey View Post

Please tell the vet ahead of time what's going on because if she's sick she should not be getting her shots! A sick kitty should never be given their shots until they're well.

I agree. Angel was due for his rabbis shot this month, but because of having the cystitis again, it was put off for 6 months. I was glad they could do that. Sense he is indoor only now, I would rather him not get it at all, but sense the state requires it, he has to. :(

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The fact that she smells without being bathed is a clue something is wrong - unless they get poo in their coats (some longhairs do) a healthy cat doesn't smell.

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