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Eye Infection

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Hi there, I am relatively new to the forum and have a quick question. My baby kitty (approx. 6 mo.) developed an eye infection yesterday and I immediately took her to the vet where she received antibiotics for it. She seemed rather tired and listless yesterday, which I completely understood because of the infection and being handled by myself and the vet, etc. This morning she was as rambunctious as ever, back to her normal self. Her eyes were wide open, no more discharge, no filmly deposit, nothing. Then, I applied the eye medicine exactly as I was supposed to. After that she played a little bit, but will only open her eyes halfway (she just looks very very sleepy). Does this sound normal? Should her eyes be open all the way or should I expect her to keep them sort of closed until I finish with the medicine (7 days)? I don't think this is an allergic reaction because everything else is normal. There is no discharge or film in/on her eyes at all and she does not feel as if she is running a fever. She's eating, sleeping, etc. I think I'm just being paranoid, but I thought I would ask for opinions. The only thing she's not doing is running around like a maniac... LOL. Let me know what you think.

Thanks so much!!!!
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Are her eyes okay now? I think it is normal for them to shut them alittle right after they meds because there eyes might feel funny. Our kitty sebastian was on eye meds that weren't working and his eye lids got RED and puffy. Poor guys could hardly close his eyes! Keep a close eye on her and if you notice any swelling or redness head back to the vet. Hope your little one is all better soon!
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Sometimes the ointment can feel a little funny, and they will keep it closed or paw at it. If it gets red, swollen, or she gets really teary, I would call the vet. Some of the eye medications can cause some irritation.
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Yes, the reaction appears to be quite common. My Sasha, who is now 11, had eye infections once every couple of months!, the earliest starting at just 6 weeks and they tapered off quite a bit as he got older. He had the same reaction and its just the response to the medication. I did, however, learn I was dispensing the antibiotic cream in a less than efficient way, that is, the tiny blip of cream should be applied just under the upper lid. Then a quick, light and gentle massage of it will spread it properly and he's good to go. I was giving him too much! Sasha is now 21 lbs and has never been sick a day in his life. My new kitten, Freddie, is 6 mos and FIV+ we are dealing with an ear infection here and it's very nervewracking as his immunity isn't there to help him. Let us know how things are! Is he better now? And welcome to TCS. Take care, Sasha (11) Freddie (.5) and Elizabeth
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