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Valium use for anxiety-ridden urinating cat???

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After the initial moving in to my apartment, Cleo never urinated on the couch again, and seemed to slowly get less skittish.

She peed on my bed once, a few weeks ago, and it seemed to be an isolated incident. I cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner and forgot about it.

Monday and Tuesday morning she peed on my bed, same time, different areas.

I brought her to the vet, she ended up staying overnight since she would not produce a urine sample. She peed all over her cat carrier on the way to the vet, but not for the vet.

She came home today, diagnosed only with a behavioral issue. I'm glad she doesn't have a UTI. The vet suggested some anti anxiety medicine if I wanted to do it, or just working with various strategies like the ones on here. I'm moving this weekend, and have been packing the past few days, so we thought she may be upset about the moving/packing.

The vet gave Cleo a valium prescription, for use before, during and after the moving. Hopefully this will make the car trip bearable, if nothing else.

My questions are, has anybody used valium with good results? will it make her sleepy? out of it? Should I give it to her now as the vet suggested, or wait till Friday? Could I use it long term or no?
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Just like with people, different medications work different. Most cases I have seen with Valium have worked very well. It may make her sleepy at first, but once her body adjusts it should be fine.
I would start her on the medication now. It takes ahwile for it to get into thier systems and take it's full effect.
If it's working well for her, you usually wait until the stress is gone and then she seems normal. Then you would gradually taper the medication. Usually the behavior remains normal. If not, then it's possible she could need to be on medication for life.
The long term effects from most medication including valium is liver problems. Usually if they are on any medication for long term, they do routine body function tests. Even with the risk of liver problems, most people opt for them medication. If it makes them happy, and they live better lives, a few years off of his/her lifespan is okay.
I hope this helped a little with your questions. I really hope it works for her
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Thank you. I feel a bit better giving it to her. Unfortunately I'm supposed to give it to her every twelve hours, and the pharmacist said not to do it earlier than those 12 hours. I won't be home twelve hours from now, and I have the same problem tomorrow night. My only option is Friday night. I'd do it Friday day, but I would like to be here after I give it to her, and I work during the day. Am I paranoid?
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What dose do they have her on? There's not a huge problem usually with an hour or two give or take, but I would feel more comfortable giving you a definate response if I knew the dose.
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2mg....I could cut them in half if needed though??
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No, 2mg every 12 hours is the recomended dose for a case like this. It would be fine if you give or take a few hours. If possible, I would go with the later time when needed. You might notice for the first few days she's overly sleepy. If it continues more than a few days, talk to your vet.
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