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Got back from the Drs...

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No sign of infection but he said he ALWAYS prescribes antibiotics for any kind of bites, whether it be human or animal, so I have a weeks worth of antibiotics and I am now up to date on my tetanus shots

Bad news is, he reminded me that its time for my pap smear so off I go next month - I would like board magic that it is all normal.
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Glad you had the bite checked out. Good 'pap' vibes being sent next month! Whoa, that's a statement I don't type out everyday!
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omg lol
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keeping our paws crossed, mine is in Oct hate 'em
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I hate them too...but its gotta be done and out of the way *groan*

I am also looking at changing my birth control pill - the ones I am taking gives me bad headaches - Estrostep - does anyone know of any that has less headaches as a side effect?
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since I'm still feeding my son, they put me on estrogen only Nor-QD but I've finally stopped, mainly because of the acne, mood swings and added weight. We also decided to try for our second
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Kellye, GET that Pap test. A Pap test caught my cervical CA at a very early stage. I got it taken care of and, for the past 13 years, everything's been OK.
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Yikes Cindy, that must have been scary. I believe that all women should have regular checkups as well, and I am glad that my doctor makes sure I am up to date, but I hope it is his nurse that does that, I am not sure if I can handle it done by a man!
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I'm glad the bite was okay Kellye! Good luck for next month!
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Good luck with the test. They are so important - my mom put off having one for 2 years and when she did go they found uterine canncer. Fortunately they were able to get it all
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Glad you did go to see dr and you are okay now. I know nothing about BC. I have never used any kind of BC in my life. Sorry.
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What about those new BC patches? I haven't used them, and don't plan to(I got spayed after the twins were born LOL) but they look like something that might be worth thought.
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Glad everything came out ok. Peaches bit me about the same time you got bit. It looks fine though. I did the same as you. Cleaned it well right away and poured peroxide on it. I also squeezed it to let it bleed out a bit and then treated it with peroxide again. I had some stronger antibiotic lotion on hand that I use for adult female acne. I put that on it. I'm also already on oral antibiotics for the acne so I didn't bother going to the doctor. I'm a physicians worse nightmare because I like to prescribe my own treatment! Guess that's what happens when you have a medical/scientific background! When I was in the lab I'd even make my own antibiotic ointment!

Anyway, I learned not to give Peaches the catnip Sicy sent me! She went absolutely psycho! So she is cut off and only the other two girls get Sicy's special gift!
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omg LOL!!
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Glad the appointment went well!

*ick* I'm having the wonderful pap appointment monday. *cries* (I'd been putting it off and the doctor finally called and said I HAD to go for my appointment)

Not sure about the birth control though Kellye. The last time I took them, it was Ortho 777. Does that even exist anymore?
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Good girl, Kellye!!! Good luck next month, and good luck with #2 (and have fun trying !)
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Good Luck Ghys!!!!! for monday!!!
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Uhmmm Laurie, I am not trying for #2, and have no plans at this time
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Oh my... I just about spit my water out. LOL!!! C'mon Kellye.... I think you should try for #2.

Thanks Wellingtoncat!
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I'm the one trying for number 2, if that is what you're talking about! LOL!!! I just ended my pill because of the weight gain, acne and way awful mood swings. This past week I'm the calmest funniest person, but then my hubby hasn't been here to see how calm I am, so we'll see over the weekend how I am around him teee heee!! LOL!

sending you good vibes for the nurse to do it Kiwi!
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Whats wrong Jelly? are you okay?
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no one said anything about wishing me luck for number 2! sniffle...okay I'm on my cycle at the moment
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GOOD LUCK Kimberly!!!!!!!!!!!

And have fun trying!
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Well, Kellye, you reminded me of a doctor's appointment I have to make, too. Ugh.

Tamme, is Peaches going through withdrawal? Sicy must grow the good stuff.

Jelly, good luck with #2. Your avatar pic is really nice, you're so pretty and your baby is so cute!
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Good luck to all the ladies trying for #2!! A word about it if I may. Studies show you are more likely to concieve if you REALLY have fun. I'll elaborate if I need to, but I doubt I'll need to LOL.

We got twins naturally, they don't run in either of our families, we attribute it to the fact hubby makes me very very happy.
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Good luck with #2 and to those of you having tests good luck as well!
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Originally posted by lotsofkids
Good luck to all the ladies trying for #2!! A word about it if I may. Studies show you are more likely to concieve if you REALLY have fun. I'll elaborate if I need to, but I doubt I'll need to LOL.
LMAO!!! Thanks guys!!! I'll post it up when we hear the news Of course it'll be after my cycle ends! teee heee!!
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I take Mircette, which has destrogen in it, and have had no side effects. I did have a huge humongo headache last week, which made me throw up twice. I will have to see if this is a side effect or not of Mircette. I was on my inactive week. When I went to the dr today, I had lost 2 lbs since a week ago!
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