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Stud Tail

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I recently purchased a cat who had what is referred to as stud tail. I tried to clear the tail up myself to no avial, so I went to a vet. She said that I would have to neuter him, and that was the only treatment/prevention. Obviously, I didn't want to do that so I went to another vet. He gave me a shampoo called Sebolux, and that cleared it up immediately. All I have to do now is wash his tail with this periodically to keep the oils etc. under control. I hope this is helpful if anyone else has this kind of situation going on.
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what is stud tail?
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And why if you don't mind me asking did you not want to neuter him ?
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Stud tail happens in some un-neutered male cats. It is an over abundance of oils/pheremones that collects on the skin and hair at the base of the tail. This also can happen on other cats in areas of the body that excrete these pheremones such as under the chin, cheeks etc. Stud tail can become quite an irritant and get rashy if not cleared up.

I chose not to have him neutered because he is the stud in my breeding program......why?
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duh "Stud" should have told me . Sorry I did not know you were a breeder
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is mellisa a russian blue? she looks just like mine! very cute.
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Mellis ia a grey tabby , she was a feral once .
I love Russian Blue cats , they are so beautifull Do you breed Russian Blue ???
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Stud Tail does just not occur in Studs it can occur in any male cats- although it does occur more commonly in Studs- There is no real cure and it does them no harm so it stays!
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It can also occur in females(rarely) and it is in fact a "feline" acne. It can become a problem, however, because it can become an infection of the sebacious glands, just like human acne.. there are varying degrees of it. We once had a stud delivered to us that smelled soooo bad because of stud tail we refused him.
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Yup female cats can definitely have it. My Maine Coon had it until she was spayed, and for a bit afterwards, guess until her hormones settled. Her mom (she's still going to be bred, so not spayed yet) has had that problem too, but only after her first litter, not before that. Definitely a hormonal problem.
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Goop also works awesome. My boy has gross stud tail and hes a CEW. Put Goop on, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse than wash with dawn and continue on with my bath and good as new.

You can get it at Walmart for less than $1.
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