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Turning his nose up all of a sudden?

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Hello again!  Well, we have had quite the time with the guy who was our main reason for feeding healthy raw meals!  I think he gorged himself one day, resulting in basically regurgitating his meal.  After that he was sniffing and walking away!  OH NO...we didn't panic, we put our thinking caps on and out of desperation for wanting him to eat (please no scolding, I felt bad enough!) we opened (eeek) a can of food and he ate fine. So....we decided to slowly add his "good" food to that. He fell for it!  Our instincts told us it was the gravy flavoring he was falling for so the next batch we made "gravy" with the leftover bones and we are now putting only that on his food, slowly weaning him off the gravy (although it smells great!) We also found that they all seem to like the organs and even the meat chunked and not all ground. Whew...I was a little worried for a bit.  I do have a question as well, though.  This same cat, his name is Richard, but we call him Dick! He loves mackerel.  How much how often is safe for them?  Hope this finds everyone warm and well!  I have to say, this site, and all of you, gave us the confidence and the knowledge we needed for a situation such as this. We can't thank you all enough...Their fur is becoming amazingly soft and silky. And shine!  Wow!  Brushing them every day and get next-to-no fur in the brush! 

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So glad things are going well, and you were a genius in how you slowly reintroduced the raw food back into this diet.

Regarding mackerel:  I believe sardines are a much better fish than mackerel, mackerel is kind of a bottom fish feeder.  In any event, make sure the sardine is packed in water, no salt.  You should really feed only one or two sardines a week, mainly for the Omega 3.  IAnd if you routinely feed Richard/Dick krill or fish oil, sardines aren't really necessary.)  Finally, particularly with male cats, fish should be an occasional treat only.

Ironically, one reason I transitioned Ritz to raw is because Ritz was fixated/addicted to fish flavored canned food only.  Now, she won't eat any fish except for fish oil and she kind of gets a funny yuck  look on her face when she eats it.

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Great solution! clap.gif

Don't have anything to add what Ritz posted. See if he likes sardines as much as the mackeral, it's a better choice from a health perspective. If not? I'm sure once a week isn't going to hurt him. smile.gif
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