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procedures on cleaning litter boxes

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Hi Hissy! I tried to PM u to ask u this but there wasn't enough room in the message to send to u so I decided to post this here instead.

I tried a "search" in grooming but couldn't find any specific info on the proper procedures for CLEANING litterboxes..

The reason I'm asking is because I am working with a pregnant friend's husband to convince him to clean their litterbox more often!? Last weekend I cked ontheir cats and couldn't breathe as i cleaned the litterbox! I asked them how often they cleaned their litterbox (they have 2 cats) and they said oh, maybe a week or a couple days will go by before cleaning the litter box... For the last couple months, they have caught the cats peeing in other places besides the litterbox and when they told me of this, I warned them that it's possible that the cats have bladder infection or something like that OR that the litterbox is just too dirty and smelly so the cats don't want to use it!

FINALLY today, I convinced Lisa, my preg friend, to talk to him about how to clean the litter box (since she can't do it during pregnancy) but hmm I want to make sure that they use the proper ingredients in cleaning.. So I am composing an email with CLEAR instructions on how to do this and would like some help and clarification on this.

Is it SAFE to use bleach while cleaning litterboxes?? I think it's not safe- i use a LITTLE when I clean the litter boxes but not a lot..

What kind of cleaning agents are strongly recommended for cleaning litter boxes with??

Info on this will be greatly appreciated!
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Here is a thread where we covered this:

Cleaning Litter Boxes
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Lysol can be potentially toxic to cats and small animals,so please tell them to not use this in the litter box or around the cats at all.
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If they have two cats they should have two litter boxes. I know you can sometimes get by with scooping them out every other day. But is sounds to me that they atleast need 2 boxes. You can get the boxes really cheap at the dollar store...many people dont think about this. I also get dishpans to use as water bowls...of course I have lots of kitties though!
I have enough litter boxes to switch them once a week. I scoop them everyday...ATLEAST once a day...and once a week i take them out hose them out but a splash of bleach in them for a day...the next day I turn the water out let them dry and stack them until the next switch. This is just what I do. Hope it helps
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I have 4 litter boxes for 3 cats and I still have to scoop them all out every day. One is supersized! Meaning it's one of those under the bed storage containers that is really long. Peaches likes that one for some reason. It's the only one she'll poop in. I guess she truly is a princess! Also, a 10% solution of bleach is all you need to disinfect and kill bacteria. That's what we use in the lab and we grow live cells in ecoli (which basically means we're growing cells in home made crap!)
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i scoop mine every 1-2 days, then every fornight i will wash the litter box with bleach, but i make sure i rinse it really well with water before i put litter in it again..that should be okay right? (rinsing the bleach)
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Iceangel , I do that the same way . I let stand in bleach for 3 - 5 minutes then I add some water and srub the boxes . After that I hose it down with water .
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I forgot to say that I scoop twice a day as a minimum .
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I scoop once a day before going to work. I usually empty the box once a month or so, maybe two at the most, and scrub with comet. rinse well and dry. also the cover I clean really well. all that dust...blech.
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