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Howling Cat

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My cat is ten, and he is neutred. And recently he has been driving me insane.


He will roam around the apartment howling in this super throaty meow. I thought it may be because he felt neglected of play full but I don't think this is the case. My cat is not a big snuggler so he always refuses any forced snuggling. I have been trying to play with him with toys I know he likes but even when we get a good  30-40 minute play session in he still cries all night.


I moved 2.5 months ago, and he now has another cat to hang out with. I do not think it is the move that is causing him to act like this seeing as it originally started about 4 months ago when I was living elsewhere and he was the only cat.


I'm starting to worry something may in actuality, medically be wrong as his howls are so loud sometimes.

Does anyone know what this could be, and how I can possibly get it him to quiet down?

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He could be going deaf or blind.  Can you see if he responds to movement far away or sound far away?  He's an older kitty.  I would definitely take him to his vet to be sure.

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I second that; some close friends have an older cat who is mostly, if not entirely, deaf--and she belts out the loudest, most startling howls. You wouldn't expect an animal that size to sound like she does. At first they were panicked and had her checked out very thorouhly... but she's 100% healthy, excellently so for a cat her age. It's just that she can't hear anybody in the house and so she's trying to "make contact". Poor boy might be having the same problem, but I definitely agree, get him checked out.

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Yeah I would get him checked out, especially if he hasnt done it all of his life and is something that has just started 

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