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Originally posted by Momofmany
Cool - you're on. Word comes with the general Microsoft Office products - if you have one of them, you probably have them all.

When my brother initially set this computer up for my Dad, he did install some of the MS Office products, but I knew that he had not included Word in the installation, 'cuz he knew Dad would never need a word processor. He, then, of course, took all the installation disks away with him, back to the other end of the country. Dad used the computer for a while, under duress, and then abandoned it. I seem to have inherited it. (Life is tough all over, eh?)

However, I was pretty sure I could borrow the office copy, if I spoke nicely . So...

MSWord (and all its confreres) duly acquired, installed and ready to go. Fire away!
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Sorry to have raised a question that had already been covered. I did read through the thread first(Ok, skimmed it) and missed it.
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No problem- the thread is pretty long, skimmed it myself as a matter of fact. Put the intro up here so if I missed someone they could yell at me! NO one is yelling yet-
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Personlly spending all my free time compiling and editing the recipes. I haven't had a chance to read thru all the ideas in this thread, but will do so once I have a first draft out to rapunzel to read.

Hissy - I'd like to clip out the recipes for cats and send them to you for your comments. The recipes by themselves don't really explain why you would use them or how. Could you do this? I would guess that they would be broken into 3 sections: 1) fun treats for your cats, 2) orphaned kittens, 3) recipes for health impaired cats.
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Just an idea, but what about a for cat recipe section for stuff that BOTH of you can eat? I know those multi-species snacks are out there...anyway...just an idea.
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One other thing we should include in the Kitty section are foods that cats should not be allowed to eat. I don't know all of them, otherwise I would write it up. But stuff like tuna on a regular basis, chocolate, onion powder, etc. (And why cats shouldn't eat it too!)
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Heidi-Thats a great idea! I also have no problem with my username and first name being used(it will be in my Bio anyhow)

When do you need the Bios in by?
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Go ahead Mom and send them to me- I will get to them as soon as I can
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The cookbook is up to about 104 pages. Haven't started editing yet, as just received 45 new recipes via e-mail and spent the afternoon merging them into the book. I still have to clip the latest from the family recipe thread (tomorrow morning).

Ta-ta for the night - going to have some fun at a party tonight. See y'all tomorrow.
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Originally posted by lotsofkids
I don't mean to be a party pooper, but it might be a good idea to check that these recipes are originals. Would be awful for someone to get in trouble for copyright infringement...Of course it wouldn't take much of a change from the original recipe to avoid that...just a thought.
Well, since I brought up this question too, I thought I'd check it out. It seems recipes are not covered by copyright. Now, if a recipe had pictures and literary descriptions, these are covered by copyright-but not the measurements and directions. So, if I understand it correctly, recipes can be shared, as long as the actual directions are not copied word-for-word. Names of recipes aren't covered either. I got the info from this website:
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Neato! Kind of puzzling though honestly, I'm not complaining by any means but it seems like everything else is copyrighted these days.
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Thanks for checking into that Christy! While I didn't know the actual law, I knew it couldn't be too stringent since every church and school it seems has put out a cookbook.

I do have a question, something that has come up when I was talking with some friends from the site (outside of the site ). How are we incorporating the Bios? Who all is being contacted? Is it everyone who has ever contributed a recipe in the threads? The reason I ask is that we really don't want to have the bios be half the space of the cookbook, especially doing it online. I guess my original thought was to only have bios for people who had contributed to the most recent thread, which I never verbalized.

Fluffy's Mom - how are you handling this? Any other thoughts on how we should present this?
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Throwing my idea in the center:

Instead of bios, how about just a picture of one cat with a short inscription saying "Heidi's Kitchen Helper is Trent" That's it no muss no fuss. To do the tribute to a pet passed perhaps a rainbow over the top edge of the picture to symbolize Rainbow Bridge? Personally, when I buy a cookbook, I want recipes not bios-
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Bios..Ackkkkkkk!!! Well i'm still waiting on alot of people. I could ask for pics if that what everyone wants. I'll collect them but what if people (like some on here do) have 12 cats?Whatever you decide is fine but just be sure before i send out emails lol
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First of all contact the people and let them know about the existence of the cookbook. Give them a timeline to respond, and tell them that if you don't hear from them in say 10 days the recipe will be deleted.

I would rather than see bios in this cookbook, just have the name of the submitter on the page of the recipe. No one outside of this board is going to care about who we are, they just want the recipes. Ideally, we should make arrangements to have these books printed up, but again, you are looking at more time and more cost- So if it is online, then providing the url to this board so people will come here, would be the best IMO
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So then do we want to ask for a pic too Hissy?
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I like your idea Hissy, I personally don't like the idea of telling the world my bio. I am sure Peedoodle would love his picture in a book! But I would rather try and have them both in one picture instead of just one.
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Ok how's this:

As you may or may not know TCS is putting together a online recipe book with all proceeds going to charity.At some point you posted a recipe on the forums and we'd like to use your recipe(s). We are asking those in the book to submit a picture of one og your cats with your name and the pets name above it. Please submit these to dboyd604@telus.net within 10 days or your recipe will not be used.
Thanks Danielle
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How about something less clinical?

In the Spirit of Holiday Giving, The community of TheCatSite.com is compiling a collection of recipes that will be available online around the holidays. At one time, you submitted a recipe on the board. We would like your permission to include this in our cookbook. The proceeds will all go to an Animal Charity. If this is agreeable with you, please respond. If I do not hear from you in 10 days from this date: ________ I will assume you are not interested and your recipe will be deleted from this project.

If you would like to be included, and would like one photo of your cat in this book, please send that to me in jpg format. Also if you have other recipes you think will bring added flavor to this project please send them along with the picture. Please include your board name and the name of your cat if you wish to participate.

Thank you-
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Honestly, I am having 2nd thoughts about including all of these bios. How much will people outside of TCS really care? How about a picture of the recipe contributor's cat? Maybe, and I may really overstepping my bounds here, somebody like kimward might be willing to Photoshop the pictures to have each cat wearing a little chef's hat.

Secondly, as I understand it, recipes posted on the site have been searched out for inclusion. To the best of my memory, the recipe I posted was from a previously published source. I would feel more comfortable contributing an original recipe.
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I didn't mean to be "clinical" just simple. I'll use any letter you want but before i do it i want to 100% that this is what we are doing as i had about 50 emails sent out last time. Anyhow i'm off for the day to go visit family. I'll check this thread tonite. Have a great day everyone!
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I understand the simplicity of your answer. But some of these people are going to be hit out of the blue with this idea and not have a clue what is going on. Many of them from old threads for whatever reason are no longer a part of this community.

To do an effective job, means to take your time in planning and execution. Several *ideas* on here from years past have fizzled out and died because not enough time was taken to implement the plan.

If the burden of making up bios is removed from you, and if instead you collect pictures and board names and one line to explain the member's cat and send this information to Heidi, that leaves and Mom of Many spearheading this, and Heidi putting it online. Their idea is to release this for Christmas. It does not have to be done tomorrow, there is no rush on it. If PM's or emails are not responded to in a timely fashion, the recipe will be deleted from the cook book and perhaps another one can go in its stead.

My letter was to try and stimulate some holiday giving first of all and give background as to what is going on. Again, some people do not participate in this community any longer and may not even wish to be a part of this. That is their choice. The cookbook was just mentioned days ago on the board. I have sent an email to my mom asking for some of my grandmother's recipes, I would like to include them in this collection. I am sure others might also wish to keep this original recipe idea growing and have others to contribute. Just don't be so quick on the draw here FM. Your willingness to contribute is wonderful, but don't rush through this without at least emailing Heidi or MomofMany about your plans. Let only two cooks stir this broth for right now until it gets past the planning stages. The only reason I am involved is because of the cause it represents and I know the shelter that it will hopefully help. But then so does Anne, she works for them as well.
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I would never just go and do somethinbg to with TCS cookbook without asking here thats common sense to me. I was under the impression we were under a deadline of sorts. If not great When you or whomeveris ready just lmk and i'll send out the info.
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Just catching up on this thread. After pulling all of the recipes, there are a LOT of folks that have contributed, and I tend to agree with the opinion that the bio's of all contributors might be excessive. What MA is collecting on the folks that are pulling it together is probably sufficient for this effort.

If we put cat pictures in the book, it could be a separate section at the end of the book that shows the cats that influenced the cooks. If people want their cat pictured, great, but I'm not sure that I would e-mail everyone that has contributed recipes - some of these go too far back! Perhaps just a post asking for pictures????

Having a Christmas deadline is probably a good idea - I'm having difficulty keeping up with the daily submissions and getting much editing done. Will need to set up a timeline, reverse from Christmas to know when our cut off is. Something like:

December 15th: final cookbook posted online
December 1st: Final word document to Heidi to reformat into PDF
November 15th: Final recipe submitted

Not sure if these are the right dates, but by the size of this thing right now, it will take weeks, not days, to edit. I only got thru classification of 1/2 of the recipes today, and have spent no time in proofing the content.

Sorry for the ramble.....
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Amy, do you think we could shoot for a December 1 release so people can think of it for gifts for Christmas? (Just trying to think like a marketer, as well as logistics. )

Perhaps you could delegate some of the editing? Such as, one person could take Appetizers and Bread, one could take Desserts, etc. We don't want to overwhelm you with doing everything! The biggest thing would be writing out how you want everything formatted so it would be consistent through all of the sections.
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Ok so do you still need me to do anything then? I would do editing but i'm really bad at that type of thing. I'll gladly help with anythiong else.
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Bios: I've submitted one, but will not be offended if they are not used. In fact, as we discuss this more and more, I'm inclined to think that including bios just takes up space that could be used for recipes. Anybody who wants to can check my bio on the board, and anyone not yet connected to the board may very well not care anyway.

Photos: Here I have some random thoughts. Do with them what you will If we put the pic with the recipe, what impact does that have on use of space? What size pic are we talking about? Can't be too small, or why bother? Would it be worth gathering them in picture galleries (appropriately identified, of course) every few pages, rather than putting them alongside the recipe? or in one picture gallery, with links from the recipe to the pic? from the pic to the recipe(s)? Not knowing what would be involved in doing that sort of stuff, I have no idea whether those are viable suggestions in the context of this project or not; whether we have among us the necessary expertise (probably); or if those with the expertise have time and/or inclination (possibly, but not something we can assume).

Also, I think we're talking about pics in two different contexts -- correct me if I'm wrong: a pic of a current "kitchen helper" instead of bios; the RB memorials, which is a separate thing and may be purchased for an additional donation.

Anyway, all of that for whatever it's worth.
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Perhaps we should just ditch the whole idea to use bios?
It sounds like a lot of extra time, energy & space.

I think the introduction that Hissy wrote (purpose of our mission) along with the memorial markers is enough.

I like the idea to designate a few pages to the cats of those who contributed recipes. . . to include the cat/s pics & name/s . . . . People always like to look at cats (at least I do!). If past members (or even current ones) do not reply with a pic. . . just don't include the pet (deleting the recipes sounds a little harsh).

Do we really need to get permission from all TCS members to use recipes that were posted in past threads? I'm not sure how many recipes/members this adds up to. . . . but if these are people that are long gone. . . . it might mean deleting a good number of recipes.

I think the idea to take it slowly with this. . . . rather than trying to get this done in 2 weeks, is a much better approach. A holiday time frame sounds reasonable.

I think the idea to do it in two weeks was thrown out there in the intital development stage, before this got so complicated.

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Originally posted by George'smom
I like the idea to designate a few pages to the cats of those who contributed recipes. . . to include the cat/s pics & name/s . . . . People always like to look at cats (at least I do!). If past members (or even current ones) do not reply with a pic. . . just don't include the pet (deleting the recipes sounds a little harsh).

Do we really need to get permission from all TCS members to use recipes that were posted in past threads? I'm not sure how many recipes/members this adds up to. . . . but if these are people that are long gone. . . . it might mean deleting a good number of recipes.
I agree with Laurie's idea. If a recipe was posted here, it was in some ways meant for "public" use. So, all recipes should have an acknowledgement (i.e. "The greatest recipe in the world" contributed by joe schmoe). As for the pictures-maybe post another thread (yeah, I know, another thread) asking if those who contributed want to have their cat's picture in the cookbook and where to send it. That way, the choice is left up to the contributors.
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IMO, if we were doing just a little cookbook the bios would be nice, but it has expanded to the point that I do think that the full-on bios would just be extra pages. I do like the idea of kitty pictures from those who want to include them, and that could include RB kitties as well.

If we wanted the pictures scattered throughout the cookbook, here is my idea for the presentation. Little 100x100 or so pictures of the cat(s) by the title of the recipe. It doesn't add much if any space to the overall design of the book.

Deb, I don't know if I would want hats on all of the kitties, but that does give me great ideas for the cover art!
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