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Creating TCS Cookbook - Page 6

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Hmmm...thinking into the computer here...

File size isn't an issue for me, because I do have high-speed both at home and in my office, where I would print. So, from my own perspective, I'd really like to have pics.

If I were dealing with a dial-up connection, I would be tempted to do as jgaruba suggests, though for some that might eat up too much connect time, and I could see people deciding to give it a miss in that case. So, in anticipation of that situation, without pics makes more sense.

So...I would definitely support the idea of having both versions. Breaking it into smaller chunks, while a good idea in terms of making the download more manageable, might turn into an administrative nightmare, in terms of payment, claiming the sections, etc. though what the actual logistics of that might be I don't know, so maybe I'm all wet.

Bottom line...I'd go with whatever solution translates to the highest sales with the least administrative headache.
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We mailed out our family cookbook burned to CD. Of course if you do that you need a good CD burner and some time.

I agree - our family cookbook looked bare until you put pictures in it - and they ultimately made the book.

Sorry, brain dead from working too many hours since Friday and just don't have any ideas right now.
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It appears that if we can offer two versions - one for dial up and one for high-speed with pictures - that it would be OK to ask for pics?

Next question - since the pics won't be in every version, should we still ask for the donation or just for them to email the pics to me? The other problem is that now I have about 1 week to collect pics and put them in....would offering it for free make more people likely to submit pics?

I'll wait until tomorrow evening (Friday) for replies since I seriously jumped the gun on this last time. Feedback from anyone/everyone appreciated!!
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Originally posted by valanhb
It appears that if we can offer two versions - one for dial up and one for high-speed with pictures - that it would be OK to ask for pics?
I think it's a good idea. It gives people a choice in it. Even those people with 56k modems can download the picture copy, if they're patient enough.

Originally posted by valanhb
Next question - since the pics won't be in every version, should we still ask for the donation or just for them to email the pics to me? The other problem is that now I have about 1 week to collect pics and put them in....would offering it for free make more people likely to submit pics?
This is a harder one... especially with the time constraint. And also, there's the 'issue' of... for example, if I wanted to send in pictures of my cat, but was only on a 56k modem and planned to get the non-picture version. I'm not sure if I'd want to pay for something I wasn't going to get to see... but then again, anyone that does want their cat in it will most likely download the picture copy. (Although this may not be safe to assume - it just makes sense to me.) Again, I don't know if I'm much help on this aspect of it. I would however like to submit a picture of Spike.
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Thanks for the input Jen. I think since it is short notice, and since there will be the two different versions, I'm just going to ask for people to send me pics with no donation necessary. I would imagine that most people who will send in pics will buy to cookbook anyway. So I will put up the notice in the Lounge.

Mary Anne said she doesn't think that hosting the two versions will be a problem at all.
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Here is the text for the Meow Page- I still need kitchen kittens to help illustrate the page. Please let me know what you think?

If you mix in the needs of homeless cats in another country, a community of cat lovers who meet electronically on a daily basis, you have the basic ingredients for the pet project of members of www.thecatsite.com. That project? A cookbook entitled “Cooking With Cattitude.†Where these members from across the globe have assembled their favorite recipes for both humans and pets in this impressive 150 page collection.

Not only the love of cats, but also the love of cooking drew many to contribute to this cookbook where ALL proceeds will go directly to the Cat Welfare Society of Israel. With a zest for organization, MomofMany- an industrious woman with a lot of cats (hence her board name) spearheaded this project, collecting the recipes and delegating assignments effectively along the way. Sifting through the recipes became the job of several hardy volunteers including Rapunzel47, jguaraba, to name a few... The volunteers spent hours cutting and folding the contents of recipes, as they edited and sometimes contacted the original authors with questions that arose, as this cookbook began to take shape.

At the core of the project was always the underlying theme to help CWSI keep its doors opened by making this cookbook into a downloadable “pay per view†(if you will). For a one-time fee of $5.00 you can own this cookbook and be privy to such recipes as South of the Border Meatballs, Autumn Soup or Tortellini Capri Salad, and for your cat, we have Kitten Glop, a nutritional supplement for orphaned kittens, or how about Sardine Soup or Mackeral Magic? Whatever takes your fancy, or tickles your taste buds you will find it among these cyber pages. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor-
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I like it Mary Anne! Love the cooking theme in the whole thing.
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Good blurb, Hissy! Covers the bases nicely.

Something just occurred to me. Maybe it would be an idea to include an option of a further donation to CWSI, when people are paying for their copy of the book? The book might be just the hook to reel in a few more bucks? Just a thought.
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The button that will lead the people to the paypal will have the option of more than one donation with it- so if they are feeling charitable, they can donate any amount they wish-
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I think that is a great idea M.A. .

Question , What if some one take the $ 5.00 dollars book offer and burn it on a cd , that person can make from that cd 100 books if he/she wants to right ??? Have you thought about that ???
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If someone is going to be dishonest, they are going to be dishonest and there is not way to prevent it. But karma will get them in the end, I am a firm believer in that concept.
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That would be really sad .

Bu you are right M.A. , one day they would get there pay back . What comm's around go's .......
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It's a work in progress_

Meow Page

I still need four more pictures of cats in the kitchen or in a cooking type theme picture
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Lookin' good, Hissy!
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Just wanted to let you all know that we are right on schedule! I got pictures of 60 beautiful cats that all got incorporated into the cookbook. I'm finalizing both versions tonight, and should have them both converted to PDF and off to Anne to post on Meowhoo by Sunday. I want to double check the PDFs before I send them to her. It's looking REALLY good!!!
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Just checking - did you receive the jpgs I sent you on Thanksgiving?
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I just checked out the meowhoo page, it's looking good!

Just one little thing... I noticed my username was in it (which suprised me ) but it's spelled wrong.
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We're in the home stretch!

Got both of the cookbooks converted. The no-pictures version is 1.9 MB, and the pictures version is 2.6 MB. I thought it would be a lot bigger than that, but am pleasantly surprised. Just working out the details of how we want it to all come together with Anne.
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Woohoo! My babies are on meowhoo! The page looks good, although I had to move the slide bar right and left to read the entire page. Is this just me?

I received some recipes over the weekend while I was away - great icelandic recipes, which would bring great international flare to the book. Are these too late to include, or do we save them up for volume 2?
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I just previewed the finished cookbook! It looks great! A HUGE HUG to ALL of you who accelerated this project and put other things aside to get this done! It is FABULOUS!
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How can we buy the cookbook? I haven't been keeping up with what's going on, but I definitely want a copy!
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Here you go- again HUGE thanks to ALL of the wonderful people who got this thing off the ground!

Cooking With Cattitude

Those of you with websites, please feel free to place a link on your website for this. It will be announced in MeowMews that will hopefully go out tomorrow. Heidi, thank you for providing such a nice write up about it I really appreciate that you did that for me-
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Notice just went out to about 200 people that I work with.....
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Got a dumb question , since I don't know jack duddely squad about pc .

Do I automaticly download the book on my pc ? Or what would I have to do ? Please help
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Hedi, I will put up instructions on the download site this evening. I KNEW I was forgetting something last night!

Right click on the version of the cookbook that you want to download, and choose Save Target As. Then choose where you want to save the cookbook. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader already (the program that reads PDF files), you can get it free at www.adobe.com .
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WOW 149 pages . You guys did a awsome job .
Yeah , that looks great . WOW ..... awsome .... I love it . I got the picture cookbook . I make for sure 4 books and in case I make more I just donate more money . I can do that right ? Yea , I think so . At least I hope I can since I don't have to download any more . Now every body is getting a cookbook this year for christmas . I am still excited what a wonderfull and great job you all did . And it is soooooo good to see all the kitties there
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Well, well, well...what a classy job, Heidi! Thanks for putting such a wonderful presentation on our project.
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It's lovely, and the touch on the <RB> kitties is wonderful for when I saw Chris and Serrelinde, and a at Lyra in her silly, life is wonderful pose.
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I don't have Paypal and cannot get Paypal
Is there any other method of payment??? I really want a copy bad! I will mail someone $5.00 if they donate using thier Paypal account.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseeee help!
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Ginger, check your PMs.
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