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Four for the road...

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Kittens Hide in Car's Bumper

RANCHO SANTA FE, CA-September 15, 2003 — Kevin Bello thought he heard some strange sounds coming from his Infinity Q-45. But it wasn't car trouble – it was cat trouble. Four black-and-white kittens were hidden in the bumper of his car.

Bello figures the car had been driven from Los Angeles to San Diego, and even went through a carwash with the kittens going along for the ride.

Bello had parked his car at LAX for ten days, when his father picked it up Friday night.

Bello says he heard the whimpering sound from the bumper after his car was parked his driveway.

He took the kittens to an area animal clinic, where the vet says they're doing fine.
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Wow! I'm glad the kittens are doing fine. What a traumatic experience for them!!

A similar incident happened at a job I worked at. My boss found a kitten by her car in the garage (5th floor of an indoor parking garage). We figured that he came along for a ride with someone into work that morning. Fortunately for the kitten, my boss's husband was the founder of the "Kitty Closet" (disposal pop-up litter boxes) and she had one in her car. I had cat food in mine, so we brought him into a closed door office and set him up for the day. My boss brought him home with her and ultimately found him a good home.

If you have cats that roam by your car or garage, it is always a good idea to make a lot of noise going up to the car and honk your horn before starting the ignition. It is usually enough to scare away any cat that might be perched under the car or in the engine. With my garage being open to ferals, I do this every time.
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poor babies!
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