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is this a compliment??

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Everytime I lay down a shirt, pants, coat, whatever, on the bed, on the floor, on the chair.. Roxy needs to sleep on it. Even though there are like 1000 surfaces for him, the completely empty bed, a cat bed, perches, whatever--he HAS to sleep on my clothes, especially if they have been worn, like when I'm doing laundry.. And then he gets his fur all over them or kneeds them and messes them up.. The other day he was in a deep sleep on the far end of my bed, so I threw a pair of shorts I had just taken off on the head of my bed, change, go get a drink, come back, andhe's still in a deep sleep--ON TOP OF my shorts..? In a way I want him to stop, but he is so untrusting of people, even me sometimes, that I think it's a huge step that he loves to sleep on my scent.. what do you think? That's progress, right?
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I think it is. He wants to be near you or something associated with you I was putting my dd to bed and i lie down with her for it,well the door was closed and Socks was crying to come in So dh let him in and he just cuddled right up and gave kisses..he's soooo sweet
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I know it's frustrating, but, yes, it's totally a compliment. My guys do the same thing (more Elwood than Jake, thought)! In fact, when I first brought them home from the shelter, after much cuddling I laid out two sweatshirts I had worn for the boys to sleep on. They slept on them for WEEKS! It really helped them get settled and bond quickly. Maybe this is why they are more "my" cats than my hubbies.
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Seems to me that he is getting comfort from your smell. I would take that as a compliment for sure, particularly if you have a shy boy.
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It's a comfort for cats. Their smells mixed with your scent will calm them right down. Many of my cats do this. I don't think I have one item of clothing in my home that does not have cat hair on it!
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I don't let the cats in my bedroom because that's where I keep all the nice stuff that I don't want the cats to get ahold of. My hubby has his own room and we sleep seperately because I have insomnia. Well every time hubby comes into my room he has to close the door behind him so they don't come in, they stand out there and howl at the moon for hours until we come out! They even stand on their hind legs and scratch the door on and on and on! They can't stand us being in that room without them! It's soooo cute!
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That just means your kitty loves you!
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I have cat hair on everything I own, but have simply invested in lint brushes. I keep one in the car and do a quick brush off before walking into work each day.
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Zoey loves my fiancee's shirts when we come home from dancing

He'll throw it on the floor and she'll go right over to lay on it

I always hang my clothes up so she never lays on mine
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every time Amber lays on something I am following her around with the sticky roller always ready! When I lay out clothes fresh from the dryer she will lay right down and look at me. She likes to smell my jeans after I lay them on the bed when I get home from work. Not anywhere wierd or anything but at the waist more. She hunkers down and pushes her nose right on one spot and her ears go to the side. Shes such a space cadet.
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Luna does that too, I think it's so cute!
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