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Thank you all for your prayers

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Regarding my friend's wife in the hospital with a nasty bacteria. I finally talked to Kerry last night. She has had 3 surgeries total and is in the burn ward now, as they have to do skin grafts on her. Basically what happened is she stopped taking care of her diabetes, she quit taking her pills. She got a sore on her tailbone and didn't care for it properly. Then she started running fevers and vomiting. When she was admitted to the hospital her blood sugar was 438! So her body became quite weak and couldn't fight the infection. Now she says her back looks like she got run over by a truck! It was a hard and painful lesson she learned about taking care of herself and going on a diet. She will be in the hospital another month or so- they can't keep her sugar down. But thank you for your prayers. It was not a flesh eating bacteria, but they equate it to the same thing according to her.
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MA, I must have missed an earlier post about your friend. I'm so sorry to hear that she was so ill. Many prayers to her! Hopefully she learned a lesson through all of this. Diabetes isn't something to play around with...it's dangerous if not taken care of.

Please keep us posted on how she's doing!
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Tell her she will stay in my prayers until she is out of the hospital!
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I missed your original post also.
I'm sorry to hear about your friend's plight.

I hope she is well soon.

She's very lucky to have you for a friend.
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Oh that's not good, I will keep praying your friend is okay!
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