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Urgently Need Everyone's Assistance and Support

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Hello Fellow Cat Lovers,

It has been quite a while since I have posted a message here at the Cat Site but I knew this is where I needed to come to get the help we so desperately need.
I am posting this message because we need as many people as possible to sign our petition regarding a cat collector in our area. Many of you will remember the situation that was occurring up here in our
area and I am here to tell you that nothing has changed. For those of you who don't know what has been taking place, our petition will give you a pretty good overview of the situation.

We are asking everyone here at TCS to please click on the link
below and read our petition. If you are in agreement, please follow
the instructions to add your signature to our petition.

When adding your signature you will be asked to enter your name,
your email address (not viewable by the public) and your city.
There is also a third box available for anyone who wishes to add
their comments about this current situation, so please feel free to
do so. After you have added your name, please send the petition
link to as many people that you can think of that will support our
efforts to reunite missing cats with their owners.


Here is a link to a web page that displays approximately 14 of 129 photos that were taken by law enforcement, of 150 cats that were found caged inside of a garage belonging to another member of the same rescue group that is discussed in our petition.


Thanks Everybody!

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That's sooo appalling!!!!! I do hope that these owners get their cats back! Also hope that this cat collector is put in jail or hospital! It's not right that she's putting all these POOR cats in these living conditions!!

Pls keep us posted.. I'll forward this to my friends to sign.
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I have signed and forwarded the petition to some friends as well.
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I was wondering what happened to the cats shown in the pictures on the website you listed - all sick and etc- u said they needed vet care.. Were they taken to the vet afterwards then returned to the "so-called rescue group" or what?

I'd like some clarification on that..
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The was the outcome of 150 cats found inside of the garage (includes the cats in the photos).

140 cats were surrender to our local animal control.

Of the 140 cats surrendered:

14 were given back to owner of the home, i.e. member of the rescue group that was providing the "foster care",

7 were recovered by their owners,

3 were immediately euthanized (one of the euthanized cats is displayed in the very last photo - the very sick looking orange tabby - diagnosed with FelLuk)

11 more were euthanized after one week at our shelter due to their very poor health conditions.

The remaining 105 cats were adopted out by our shelter or were rescued by other rescue groups that we asked to come to our shelter to help find new homes for these cats.

Our animal control dept. falsified information and also withheld incriminating evidence from their investigation report that was submitted to our District Attorney's office, however the photos alone should have been enough for the DA to press charges. Unfortunately, our DA's office based their decision on the reccommendation of our shelter manager (who is a jerk and knows nothing about animal welfare) and therefore no charges were filed against this rescue group.
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Oh dear God Julie-

That one photo of the cat sleeping in a dirty litterbox just destroyed my heart. Those poor cats! I am glad they were rescued.
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It's makes my stomach churn thinking that someones beloved pet lived in those types of conditions for whatever length of time. I'm glad to see that the situation is being taken care the best it can be. It's also good to hear that some of the kitties got returned to their rightful owner.
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Please keep in mind, that the cats whose photos are being displayed on the web page link that I provided are not the same cats to which the petition is referring. The petition is referring to an entirely different group of cats that are being housed (fostered) by yet another member of the same rescue group.

So, we still need everyone to sign our petition. The cats that the petition was written about are still living in a home belonging to a member of this rescue group and this member is trying to move these cats hundreds of miles away from our area. If this takes place, residents of our area, whose cats turned up missing, may never get the opportunity to search through these 200+ cats in hopes of finding their missing cat.

Please, sign our petition and then pass the link along to everyone you know and ask them to read and sign our petition and then ask them to repeat the process with their friends and so on and so on.

We already have been able to get 30 signatures on our petition and this has taken place in the first 24 hours that the petition has been available on-line.

Don't stop now! Lets keep spreading the word.

Thank you to those of you who have already signed our petition. We can't express to you enough how much we appreciate your support.
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All signed, I'll also forward it around.
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This is sick and heartwrenching. Can I post this on another cat-site?
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Please do!
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I was my eyes out when I sah those pictures and for sure I signt
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I just send this page to about 15 people . Hopefully we all can do something about that .

They need to be in jail and get sick them selfs and for sure they don't need any medication when in pain so they know how it feels like
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