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Cat ate a lizard

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I just came home to a lizard in my house missing a tail and its back legs. He seemed pretty traumatized. Should I be conserned that I think the tail and legs are in my cats belly? I live in Florida so it was one of those little lizards that run around everywhere.

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Oh poor Lizard! I hope he'll be OK... or you put it out of its misery. frown.gif

It's fine for your kitty to eat them. That's what cats normally eat - small mammals, birds, lizards, and bugs. agree.gif

If my cat ate a mouse, I'd treat if for tapeworm. But your kitty would have only eaten the legs and the tail, and the parasites (if lizards carry any? dontknow.gif ) would be in the organs/GI system. Your kitty should be fine.
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phewww! My roommate put the little lizard out of his misery. RIP little lizard man

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Aw, that's nice of your roommate. Yeah - RIP little lizard. rbheart.gif

But you've got a little hunter there, in touch with his inner carnivore. laughing02.gif Guess he just wanted a little snack.

(I feed my cats raw food, but lizard isn't on the menu. wink.gif ).
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Haha good for your cat for doing what cats do! Seriously I have the "Circle of Life" song from the Lion King playing over and over in my head right now! I've been to Florida and I know those little lizards well, I think they are called Anoles. 


I'm guessing same as the others that he will be fine since he just ate the legs and tail, but, if you notice any vomiting, diarrhea, or other unusual behavior have him looked over by a vet and checked for parasites just to be safe.


Even though the Florida lizard population won't suffer because of this loss be sure to thank your roomie for kindly euthanizing the little guy. Even if it's normal behavior for the cat there is no need for him to suffer! 


(P.S. I have asked a Mod to correct the title for you). smile.gif

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All fixed!


Glad your kitty's snack got an "OK" from those that know....  I'm glad we don't have lizards here... laughing02.gif

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Many lizards manage OK to lose a tail, it often does regrow with time.  Just for such a happenings!


But losing the legs too is more deadly, so good he got help to go on.   Tx Roomie!

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