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A pipe bomb went off near my neighborhood today!

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I sure would like to know what the world is coming too. Sometimes I feel the devil is just running wild out on the streets of our neighborhoods!

Today my kids and I were running errands and saw three helicopters circling the area. Turns out the streets were blocked both directions, and there was a pipe bomb! Someone had just left it on the sidewalk for some poor unsuspecting person to find. Thankfully no one was hurt by this one. It actually went off. I talked to my friend who lives across the street from where the bomb was, and she said the whole neighborhood shook when it went off.

The kids and I went home and I watched the local news. Turns out that on Sunday there was another pipe bomb in the Pizza Hut bathroom where we had just eaten lunch on Saturday. Also, it just was now announced that there's ANOTHER bomb at the Kroger by my house. There are no other details yet because they just found it.

This is just too scary! These are all places that we go to everyday. Some poor child is going to find one of these bombs and end up mutilated or dead. We live in a very nice area and you don't expect things like this to happen. It makes me want to lock the doors and not leave until they catch the guy. Very scary!
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Thats so disturbing Dawn, one is bad enough, but 3 is unthinkable. :paranoid3
You must be feeling pretty uneasy, I know I would be. Makes you wonder whats going through the minds of whoever's responsible for them.

We had a similar situation here recently, there were several bomb scares at a nearby camp spot, Timothy Lake. The lake is a place where many families go for the day, and the idea of someone putting a bomb there is unfathomable.

I hope everything settles down, and you and yours stay safe

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The news just announced that there were 2 bombs at the Kroger store. I really hope they find the person doing this soon!
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Has the bomber been found? For everyone's sake, I hope so! As you've discovered, what is commonly considered a "nice neighborhood" can become deadly when a person bent on cruelty emerges — usually from that very neighborhood. Please let us know about this situation.

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Mr. Cat - No, they haven't found the culprit yet, and thanfully there have been no more pipe bombs in my area. They have found a few fake bombs in other parts of Arlington, and they found a real pipe bomb in Plano (a suburb of Dallas) that they think might be related to the ones here. I wished the police worked faster. Thankfully, everyone is feeling less scared about it now.

Thanks for asking!
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