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Abandoned little kitten...

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I feed and give water regularly, to the abandoned cats and kittens that have accumulated at the edge of our town. We have been working so hard to get them spayed or neutered, but it seems there are often new ones just dumped there. Anyway, in late May, I saw a little litter of 3 kittens--but they were about 7 weeks old and FAST on their feet!! We did catch 2 of them and got them spayed a few weeks ago. But this one little CUTEST kitten with tiger stripes, white chest and little white mitten paws, just evaded us ALL the time! Tonight, I went up to feed and water them and saw a dead animal on the road, right near where I park. I walked over and a car had hit it and kept going. It was still warm, but not breathing. I gently picked it up and set it in the grass. Then went home, got a box and gently laid it in there. I will bury it in the morning. But, as I picked up it's poor little broken body, I cried and cried, and I felt sort of silly, standing on this road, crying over a little animal that NOBODY cared about. --But then realized, that maybe THAT was why I WAS crying, because nobody even knew it had lived or died... So, I thought, I NEED to bury it in a nice place, because his little life HAD to have SOME meaning, right??? I called my one friend, as she is so active in kitten and cat rescues and SHE understood, but so many people would think....Oh, it was JUST a stray cat! But he was SO sweet and playful and full of life, and I had to come here, because I KNOW that there are SO many here, who WOULD understand how very sad I am tonight.... Thanks to you all!
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You need not feel silly hun. I understand completely what you mean. I think you did the right thing. You show compassion and love, for things that aren't even yours, and I think that makes you a wonderful person. As I sit here, I feel your thoughts and am crying with you. To have a heart as big as yours is something to be proud of. And honey, you did show them love, you fed and gave them water, you gave them life. Thank you for that.
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You cared about that kitty though and thats important. You gave him the diginity of being taken off the road,you showed him respect and that is a great gift. RIP little kitty
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I am sorry this one evaded capture which led to it's untimely death. There are so many of the abandoned ones walking this earth, thank you for caring for the ones in your neck of the woods, and thank you for guiding this little one on it's way to a much better place!
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This is so sad, poor little thing. But please go and read Hissy's story about the cat food cart angel in the cat lounge -- there's so much good out there too.
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I'm so sorry I too have tears in my eyes for this little homeless kitten. I pray that he is at peace and romping around in his new life and watching over you.

I always get upset whenever I see an animal that's been hit by a car, no matter what kind.
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veryt very sad, but you were privalged enough to show it some love before the little one lost her life, at least for a while, someone cared. Thank you for caring, I have cried of killed strays myself, you are not alone..
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i know what you mean.. people might just think it's only a stray and nothing much.. i saw this cat that was run over by a car on the main road and by the time i saw it, it was dead and flattened by many other cars that have gone over it. It made me really sad. I have never seen this cat alive but I went over to the road to pick it up and buried it in the grass patch nearby. i wish people would drive carefully... gosh this is so sad...
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