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Hello- Sam here. We have been given just two months(ish) to get out of this house and move, I love this house it means so much to me, We are renting it and only have been here about 9 months, We were going to buy it but then our land lord decided he would shift back! So now we are faced with the stress of moving again, with all our pets, and mums precious antiques..!!!! We want to buy but will rent first, Mums looking at ones in the country(5 min drive) and ones near us, I will keep you updated, but please wish us happy house hunting vibes

Thank you
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((hugs)) I hope all goes well. Sucks moving. I'll do my best to send you those vibes!
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((((Happy House Hunting)))) vibes coming your way from here!
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Oh Sam, I am sorry. I hope you find a great place and the cats adjust quickly!
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Thank you guys!

Well we just got back from looking at 4 places, one was on the side of a motor way and some stairs were missing and it was so scungy!(yes i'm picky but that was just disgusting) two were in the same street one had trees growing over it with no garage & fencing(we have 2 dogs) and one was small & shitty IMO but Mum loved it and another was a bit $$ but it would have been good, Back to square one

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Moving is a total bummer -- even when it's your own idea! Sure hope you find something that suits you well and the fur people aren't too upset by the whole thing.
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I feel bad for you. You're having such a stressful month!
Moving can be very anxiety provoking. . . . for all involved.

And finding the perfect place to move to can be both exciting and draining (especially when you are pressed for time).

I pray that the perfect house comes along that will accomodate your family.

Once you find the right place. . . . are all settled in. . . . all will be well again.

I'm moving to a new office at work next week . . . . and I dread packing & unpacking. . . . but am looking forward to a new environment (with more windows and a better view).
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Sam , I am so sorry . I hate moving and glad we are buying our house . Moving is a lot of stress especialy for cats . My heart is going out to you . I pray you guys will find the right house were you all are very happy to move to . I also will pray for the cas
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House hunting is not fun! Good luck!
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Lots of luck and good house hunting vibes comin' your way!
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I wish you and your Mom good luck. Moving is one of the most stressful times in life. It is equated to death and divorce.

On a good note since you are renting, you do not have to worry about escrow and the like, so best of luck. I hope you and Mom, and all pets find just the right home.
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I'm sorry you have to move. I hope you find a new house that's even better suited for you, you mother and all of your furbabies.
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Sam, I wish you lots of luck! Good Luck on the house hunting and Good Luck at getting your furbabies adjusted!
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After moving 5 times in the last 10 years myself, I don't envy you! Hopefully you will find something soon Sam!
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Thanks everyone for the vibes! One house has came up for rent that's 5 houses down from us! So we are going to check that out some time this week- I'll keep you all posted!
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