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This is my Amber kitty. Notice the jigglys? Thats her fat pad and I like to like to squeeze it and play with it! She doesnt like that too much though.





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What a cutie! I love picture #4 I just want to run her belly.
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Great pics, and a beautiful kitty
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I like 4 too! I love her feet. Our camera is very old and the shutter speed $ucks. Time to go shopping I think!
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She's gorgeous!
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omg she is absolutely beautiful! I just love her markings! #2 is my favorite
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Very pretty!! My JB has a fatty area and doesn't take too kindly to me playing with it unless he's sleeping then he starts purring like crazy
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I LOOOOOVE THOSE PAWS!!!! Such a beauty.
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OMG, she reminds me soooo much of my Jake! He has that fat little pouch right in that same spot! He used to be reeeallly fat but has lost a lot of weight except for that pouch! It's fun fun fun to play with, but, like Amber, he hates it! He also loves to roll over on his back and show his belly, hoping to get a belly rub or two! Anyway, adorable photos! Thanks for cheering up my day!
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p.s. #3 is my favorite!
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I love that last pic! Our cats have those danglies too - we call them their dingle belly
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Oscar says he would love to take Miss Amber kitty out. He promises to be a very good boy

She is a beauty
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Ambercat is just precious!
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what a pretty cat she is , nice pictures
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I think she is special too!

lmao blondiecat! Only if Oscar agrees to pay for dinner!
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Originally posted by rfox
I think she is special too!

lmao blondiecat! Only if Oscar agrees to pay for dinner!
I am sure that Oscar will pick up the tab for the kitty kibble on their date with no problem
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OOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ambercat is a lovely girl -- nice shots, too.
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