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My poor sad kitty

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I am cat sitting, and the little girl cat is isolated in the living room with all her supplies. And with low light, classical music playing on the cd, and an indoor water fountain, its very calm in there. She was very stressed when she arrived, and hissed at both my cats when she saw them. However, she is settling in well, loves to play with me, although she will not leave the room. Which is fine with me.

The problem is poor little Bailey. She is very very upset, its like having that kitty visitor hiss at her really hurt her feelings. She will hardly go near the door to the living room, spends part of the day hiding under the bed, and just doesn't purr very much. I am giving her extra attention, but I don't know what else to do. And to add to the problem, when she approached Sam once today to get groomed, he hissed at her for the first time ever. (The made up since then, but it still surprised Bailey and me).

Sam seems to handle things a little better, he followed me into the living room, did an entire circuit of the room, sniffed all of her things, then stared her down, hissed at her once, and stalked out. That seemed to work, she didn't make a sound while he was there.
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INtroducing a new cat to the household will upset the boundries the resident cats have set for themselves. Perhaps Baily had the room the new kitty is in and now doesn't know where to go. I would get a Feliway plug in to calm ruffled nerves.
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That is an interesting thought. I would not have considered that to be Bailey's room, but now I think about it, she had been sleeping in there during the day for the last week or so. It was really Sam's room for much longer than that. But she is also avoiding the room next to it, which is my office and the cat room.

I thought feliway was to calm down cats who were acting agressive and stuff. I'll give it a try, even though the visitor kitty will only be here for three weeks. Anything to keep the poor baby happy, she was just slowly gaining confidence to try new things.

They have both had a lot of stress the past month, they were left out of my apartment when I went on vacation (and looked after, but still difficult), I rearranged furniture, the neighbour (and their friend) moved out, new people moved in, and now this. She probably thinks her world is ending.
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