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Vegetarianism ?

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i was curious about everyones views on Vegetarianism, i know Ttapestry is a vegetarian,
but that's about it.

Steph, are you a vegetarian or a vegan?

for me, well, i was a vegetarian for 4 years but because of my anemia i had to start eating meat again, and after awhile, i just started to love it again

i'd like to go back at one point, when i know how to supplement my diet right,
and cook, but for now i am content with my choice.

what about you guys?
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I can't help it, I just love meat, especially beef. I love a good steak cooked medium rare. I could take or leave veggies, but I do eat them since I have to put up a good front for the kids. I really hate chicken, but it's my husband's favorite, so we end up eating it all the time.

This is a good poll, Blue.
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I eat meat, poultry and fish - I buy beef, pork and poultry that were free ranging - it makes me feel a little better. But I love a nice steak or barbequed ribs or thick juicy hamburgers - I can't help it. My daughter does not eat meat or poultry and almost no fish and she always makes me feel bad because I champion animal causes, but this is one fight I can't participate in because I really like the taste of meat. Also, would we have to start altering the farm animals if no one ate them?
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If somebody told me I'd have to go through life and never taste another South African lobster tail or filet mignon stuffed with Maytag bleu cheese, I'd have to leave the planet. Sorry folks, I'm a carnivore.

Brings up an interesting point of things that I feel get taken too far sometimes. In this month's Cat Fancy, there was an article about preparing a vegetarian diet for your cat. Hey people, do what you want for yourselves, but the Almighty made this animal a carnivore. If you want to feed veggies, perhaps a rabbit?
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I guess I'd be somewhere in between. I love my veggies, but I also eat fish, seafood and chicken. I don't eat beef however. I think it's because I grew up on a farm where the cows were in the pasture next to my horse. I just found it really hard to eat what I had been petting the week before. I guess that stuck with me. But if you don't know what you're missing it can't be too bad missing it! I do however live with a full-blooded carnivore, so I still have to buy, cook and work with the stuff! He'd leave me if I didn't occasionally throw him some MEAT. Of course he has to have veggies with it!
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I eat meat and certain veggies (carrots, lettuc, green pepper, brocolli, cucumber, and some more that I can't think of!). I don't like fish, I like chicken and turkey, too.
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I eat very little meat just because I've always really liked vegetarian dishes better. Having to choose between a pork chop and a salad I'd always go for the salad.
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I'm a vegetarian. I do eat dairy products and eggs (so far...), but I don't eat meat. I just can't stand the way the "production" animals are treated, and decided that by my own eating, I would not support that treatment. There is no organic/free range, or whatever you call it in English, meat available here. I always buy organic, free range eggs, and I also buy naturally grown fruits and veggies, organic milk etc. I use nature friendly products, and usually clean my house with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. I use make-up etc that is not tested on animals.

That said, my dogs and cats are definitely carnivores, so sometimes I feel like a hypocrite being a veggie myself- I still buy more meat than most people that do eat it! Nevertheless, every little bit helps, at least that additional meat won't be bought by me. I would never impose my morals on my animals, they *need* the meat, it's what nature intended them to eat and I'll never understand people who feed their dogs/cats a vegetarian diet- sure, they can survive on it, but they will not *thrive* on it.

Any other vegetarians out there?
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I'm a little ambivelant about it. Occasionally I love a good ribeye steak. Or even a steak salad, but I don't HAVE to have it. my boyfriend must have some sort of meat with every meal, while I could take it or leave it. One time I made grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup for dinner, & he was like 'where's the meat?!?!?' I said 'in the refrigerator next to the milk' so he got himself some meat, because God forbid he not have some with a meal. When we are out to dinner I will have steak, or chicken depending how the dish is prepared. Or maybe even pasta, without meat if I like what it is in it.

I love a salad with mixed greens, or spinach, crumbled bleu cheese, pine nuts or walnuts & a balsalmic vinagrette. unfortunately not many places near me carry a good one & I can't seem to find the right vinagrette at the grocery store.
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I won't eat anything that had a heartbeat at any point in its life. Including eggs and milk.
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Milk has a heartbeat?!? The only milk in my house that shows any signs of life is the stuff I leave in the :censor::censor::censor::censor: for 3 weeks after the expiration date!

You are too funny! :LOL:
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You try having a milk cow and then not letting it have a baby cow to drink its milk. As that cow's utter fills with milk it hurts. I could never drink anything that could cause a creature harm. And yes, this means I don't eat chocolate either. hhehehe As for your milk having a pulse after so long in the fridge, try pouring it in the counter and see if it eats through it.
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Hmm, that would be one way to get new kitchen counters. I wonder if homeowners insurance covers that.

I gotta tell you, ALLoWeyo, you're pretty brave, considering the chocolate and all. I don't think I could go that far. Is it just milk chocolate? (Dummy, what other kind is there worth eating?)
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Yes, that includes truffles, chocolate milkshakes, french silk pie and all other forms of chocolate. Damn me and my hang-ups.
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Mucho respect coming from me. God, I just thought: you must be as thin as a rail!
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Nah, love. I got my pudge. You'd be amazed how fattening grits can be.
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I love vegetables and can go without meat for some time, but then I would get this craving for meat and have to have some. I eat lunch with my in-laws everyday and they almost always have chicken or beef, so I eat it. I could do with a lot less meat though. I'd much rather have pasta or a salad in the restaurant.

We don't have free range beef here I'd be happy to pay double the regular price to know that the animals had a good life and were killed in the most humane way possible, but that's just not available over here. We do buy free range eggs.
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I think it is really hard to stop your natural cravings for meat because we are carnivores - my daughter who is a vegetarian goes on binges sometimes - one time after a year she came over and had to have hot dogs on the grill (boy did she get sick that night) and then another time after six months she had spaghetti and meat balls. All in all she does really well, but it is hard to break a life time habit and meat really does taste good - I could never be a vegetarian because I eat almost nothing that is green -
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Dawn- thank you! Finally Someone else who does not like chicken!! I was beginning to think I was the only one. I just get sooo sick of it. My fiance loves it and to make matters worse, he uses white meat, which in my opinion is too dry, and BBQ's it and dries it out more!
Deb, I read the article in Cat Fancy, isn't that insane?

I do like red meat but I quit eating it just recently b/c my stomach is very sensitive to food and i'm forever regretting eating some of the garbage that I eat. I like seafood(duh! I guess I would being from Louisiana). I really only eat "realfood" when I have to so I won't be hungry. I don't like salads or veggies too much. I love fruit.
Yes Deb I am normal: I live on junk!! Little Debbie Snack cakes, chocolate, cheesecake, anything SWEET!

:icecream: :icecream:
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No chocolate? No way.
And yes, I did buy a couple steaks today, had a good buy on the NY strips and they are soo good on the grill with some onions and mushrooms. It's lAM now, must go to bed before I make myself hungry.

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eeva-I am vegetarian too I am for the most part vegan by diet more for health than anything else. Sorry guys, but I love my leather jacket way too much to be a total vegan. They have "veggie meat" that tastes just like real meat, so there's no problem craving the real thing, and it's healthier too. One of my cats loooooves veggie meats and cheeses. He's 17 lbs and will jump all over me when I pull it out!
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Deb25....Lobster tail and filet mignon???? Wow!!! Invite me over to your house for supper some night....I LOVE these things!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMM
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You're thinking I'm cooking that stuff?!? Wait just a second while I climb back onto the chair I just fell off of. Actually, those are favorite menu items at 2 of my favorite restaurants; you know the kind you get to go to once on a blue moon. I just can't imagine going to either one and ordering "the salad". Honestly, there's only so much you can do with lettuce. (Disclaimer: my opinion only!!!!!)
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