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Had to call a plumber

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I made one post on this, and it disappeared.

Anyway one of my toilets would not flush. I got the plunger out, no luck. I put on a long rubber glove could not reach very far, gave up.

Called Plumber, he arrived armed with snake(lol) few minutes later he told me to come look at what he found..Yep a cat toy. I do not know how I missed this one.

I am not letting kitty in either bathroom again, even with seats down, he is so determined I am afraid he will some how pry the seat up and break his little neck.

After reading the story of the cat in the garbage disposal, that is covered also.

I am now having a triple Starbucks, I deserve it (lol).

AHHHHHH life with a Bengal.
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hahahahah!!! i get that kind of stuff once in a while in the toilet bowl....
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Your bengal story was a real kick. I loved it. I have the bengal who likes to steal clothes. I am so glad that someone else knows the uniqueness about these great cats. Mine has real long legs and tail and walks with his head low to the ground. So different than my tabbies.. I know what you mean about the toys, Bartholemew likes to toss his around too. He fetches like a pooch and will bring a balled up piece of paper back as often as you throw. He is very particular too, to the kind of paper. It has to be the kind in magazines, not news paper. Strange huh. Hope you bathroom is ok now. That could be a real mess
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LOL!!!! That's too funny!!! I had my venti caramelmacchiato earlier. I'm actually craving it again and its nighttime. Has anyone Starbucks icecream? I'm tempted but its pricey. Want to know what ya thought.
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:icecream: Starbucks icecream is the greatest. I love it. I have to admit tho, I am a coffee fiend, but only the brewed regular, black kind. Im not much for all the fancy stuff. I really love, believe it or not the coffee from Dunkin Dounut. I buy it by the pound. Its also great.:flash:
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Bathroom, is fine now happy flushes(lol)

Starbucks ice cream is GOOD!!!!
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