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Strange behavior

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My older cat, Smokey, is about 4 years old. We have had him for a year and a half. We added a younger brother Nick about 9 months ago. Nick is now almost a year old. We recently moved into a house from an apartment. Smokey has just started slapping the blinds when we (my husband and I) are asleep. It is almost never at the same time. One night it will be at 11:00, and the next it will be at 2:00. Any suggestions? We have tried locking him out of the bedroom, but he cries. I know that you aren't supposed to give in to them, but it keeps me awake. Help!
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Can you replace the blinds with a curtain?
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He is probably getting nocturnal visits from wild cats outside about that time, and that is what is making him anxious. One way to lock them out of the bedroom and they don't cry is to park your vacuum outside the door before you shut it. They will immediately go to another room and sleep. Of course don't trip over the darn machine if you get up in the middle of the night.
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We thought about putting curtains over the blinds to see if it helps this problem. We also are going to do it to block light. I have to work some nights and have to sleep during the day.
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Thanks for the advice about the vacuum. I may try that to see if it helps!
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I have to laugh about the vacuum. My cat would go after it. He chases it when I have it on.
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I don't know about the vacuum. Smokey doesn't seem to mind it when it just sits there.
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It sounds like he's found a new toy 9mths later - playing with the blinds and enjoying it? Perhpas the curtain suggestion may help, or he may think it adds to the 'toy'. Maybe some other toys may help. He's also crying 'cause he wants to be with you. Are both Smokey and Nick together when you do the lockout? After enough ignoring Nick may just cuddle with Smokey for company. He's still a very young boy at 1yr.
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Smokey and Nick are together when I lock Smokey out of the bedroom. They do have access to several toys (toy mice, lighted balls, etc.) at night while we are trying to sleep.
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