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Box Kitty

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baby being silly!
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Guess only Ted & I thought it was cute.
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What a sweet little one!

What is it with cats and boxes, anyways?
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What a sweety! I bring home boxes all the time for my kitties as it is cheaper than toys.
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Ohhh, I think its cute.. My cat loves boxes also.
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Great kitty-in-a-box pictures!!

The favorite toy in my house is an empty 30 pack beer box. They keep poking holes in it so that they can bat each other thru the hole. I've had to tape this one up so many times it's turning into a big tape ball. Perhaps we'll just have to finish off another 30-pack one of these days.....
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Guess only Ted & I thought it was cute.
hey i thought it was cute.... my meow meow literally squeezes herself into any box of any size.... and now guess where does she sleep?? in her box!!
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i love kitties in boxes!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing Sherral!
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I don't know what it is with box's,either! It was cardboard day for trash pickup,and I had a whole lot of it and I just put it the living room,and they went nuts! Craweling in and out of box's we hated to cut them up and take them out,they were having so much fun!
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My cats love boxes as well!

Your babies are so beautiful!
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Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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What a sweety!
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What cute pictures Sherral!
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Sometimes I think the boys would rather get a new box than a new toy to play with. The best was when I got my new stove they loved that box it's too bad I didn't have a camera then the pictures would have been hilarious

Love the pics I can't get over how big the babies are getting.
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Oh How sweet, such a beautiful kitten,
looks so adorable in the box
Mine have a thing for boxes too, my youngest
one is named Pandora for that reason LOL
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Geeee I almost missed this thread
What a cutie boy .I think all cats like to explore boxes , at my house it is like hide and seek thing and catch me if you can .
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