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Dr. Phil

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Is anybody else here as addicted as I am to watching Dr. Phil McGraw every Tuesday on Oprah? I absolutely love this guy! He makes so such sense and never fails to tell it like it is.
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I miss Oprah! I'm at work when it's on, and the tv in my office only has satellite stations & no local stations. So I don't know anything about Dr.Phil.
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Good Lord, woman, tape it on Tuesdays. I do. You have got to hear this guy. He is the best!
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that would require figuring out how to run the vcr/dvd/cable box contraption on my tv, and I'm not sure I can do that! It's on every tuesday? is he on the entire show?
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i'm getting prepared for my dose of Dr.Phil, it's on in an hour here

i dont always see it, but i do enjoy it as well.

Colby, when we get our new V.C.R. (very soon!!) i will tape it for you if you havent
figured out yours yet

you still taping my Sex? :tounge2:
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Yes, the whole hour! If I have to watch "Sex" to appease you, then you have to get a dose of Phil.
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yikes! I was hoping you wouldn't ask me that Kate! I promise I won't drop the ball....& I do have season I & II on dvd just WAITING for you
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So, since you're rich (I read the other thread), will you be buying me a dvd player so I can watch all the episodes?
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I'm not rich, I just don't have any kids to spend my money on! so I can buy things like DVD players

I can put season I & II on video for you.....
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Video?!? Isn't that rather antiquated?
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And for the record, there goes my highly interesting thread blown all off course.
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p'shaw, just send me a Sattelite Dish Colb :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: Sugar Momma :tounge2:
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I love doctor Phil.....

talk about no nonense...

that's I wanna do when (and if) I grow up.........

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Do send up an alert when you plan to grow up.
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See there's the kicker....

I don't plan too...

"Just cuz you get older, dont mean you gotta grow up!" ~Anon

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Then, kudos to you, Ken, you've learned the secret!
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Dr. Phil is soo cool, he pulls no punches.

Ken, love you saying about growing up, it just went in my book #6 of quotes. Thanks

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Well, that's one show I've never heard of. What does he doctor, this Phil? What's his show all about?
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Well, Anne, he is billed on Oprah Winfey's show as a "Life Strategist". Oprah first met him when she was being sued by the beef people in Texas a few years ago. He helped her out during the trial.

He gives advice to couples and individuals. He also runs workshops. He says that he doesn't work as a therapist, per se, because he doesn't do that very well. He says that he tried marriage counseling once. He had a couple in his office bickering back and forth. His response to them was that it was no wonder they didn't like each other. he had been in the room with them for 10 minutes and couldn't stand either one of them!

At any rate, he appears on Oprah's show once a week and really gives valuable advice to people. He doesn't walk on eggshells with them. I just like the way he doesn't tiptoe around the issues.
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yep, Dr. Phil is on Oprah!!
I occassionally get to watch him...
But my favorite Dr. Phil show was a few weeks ago, when one of the women told how her husband totally hates her cats.
He sat right there and admited he wished she didn't have them..
Dr. Phil basically told him, that if he loved her...really deep down loved her....he would also love what is important to her, and never ask her to give them up...(her cats)
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Dr. Phil openly admits to being a cat person. He has told a few cat stories on the air. How could you not love the guy?

(Hmm, maybe we could get him to be a member. Hmm, maybe he already is. Ok, guys, 'fess up, which one of you is really Dr. Phil? Maybe Robin Alves is really his wife. I think his wife's name is Robin.)
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Deb25; I am definitely a Dr. Phil fan also! I just noticed this thread; or else I would have been in on it before now. . . . .

I had the pleasure of meeting him at a book signing at Brentannos Bookstore last year. He is a very nice man and also very TALL (which is extra points in my book) I knew he was a cat lover so I took a picture of my MoMo (that Monster Boy) and he signed it for me. I think what he signed is very much as he believes: May we all be as "Unconditionally Loving" yet "Selectively Arrogant" as our feline friends. Dr. Phil.
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Also, Debby, when I saw the episode you mentioned; I thought to myself, "I wish Debby could see this. . . . ."
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I just loved last week's show where he told that one controlling woman, Rochelle, where to get off. Her husband wasn't bad either. I would have given him my number when he was through taking orders from her. Although, I don't know. It's in my experience that if somebody lays down with "Welcome" written on his back, sooner or later somebody is going to wipe his shoes.
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