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Drooping ear question

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A couple months ago my cat's right ear started drooping, not the tip bending, but the entire ear just being held lower than the other. It is occasionally accompanied by the eye on the same side slightly squinting. At first I thought maybe it was a small stroke/paralysis, but then if you get her alert it perks up just fine and she has no weakness of motion on that side of the face.


She does not have fleas, and I am fairly certain it's not ear mites. There is no swelling, no rash, no scratching/itching or shaking of the head. There appears to be no discomfort though she is reluctant to let me look at it, nor is there any change in her behavior. Any ideas what might be going on?

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Have you had the vet take a look?  They have an instrument that lets them look right down the ear canal.

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Is the area surrounding the ear at all tender, for instance, her jaw/cheek, top of head?

I'm thinking WAY outside the box but when my neck or back hurts, one shoulder is lower than the other--it's referred pain from my mid-back area.

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The ear itself doesnt need to be itchy or anything like that for them to have ear mites. I would highly suggest to have the cat checked out. The tool that oriental was talking about, an otoscope, caan help determibe if this is the problem.

And I do think you might be thinking a tad bit too far into it with the back pain lol. But it could be a theory. Like I said. Check it out, it is the best option than trying to figure it out yourself!
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