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UTI? Again?

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The past few days Tiki (my himmie) has been acting funny. She's got 6 litter boxes to choose from, but she sits in front of her "favorite" and meows constantly. Once she gets my attention, she goes in the box. She acts like she's peeing, but once she leaves I look. It's only a little drop...maybe the size of a nickel. Plus, the other morning she got on my bed & started her meowing bit...and she dribbled pee on my bed.

I'm calling the Vet in the morning, but I just wanted to see if this sounds normal of a UTI (urinary tract infection). I haven't changed the litter, but I did change the food last Monday (Sept 8) to Iams Hairball & Weight Control (She was on Purina One). Do you think the food could have caused this? It's only been 8 days...and I've never had a problem with any other kind of food. Thankfully none of my kitties are picky eaters!

Thanks in advance!
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I would have her checked for FLUTD just to be sure. Ask the vet to to do a needle draw from her bladder for a cleaner catch.
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Thanks MA! I'll have them do that.
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Poor baby, I hope she feels better soon!
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Wow..I just read up on FLUTD. Honestly, I wasn't quite sure what it was. That's pretty scary stuff! I am hoping that it's nothing major with her, but I'm making an appointment first thing in the morning. It sounds so painful for them!

The site I looked at didn't say if certain breeds are more prone, but I thought I had read in a previous post that Persians/Himmies tend to get this more often. Is that correct?
Thanks again!
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Poor baby, I hope she feels better soon!
Thanks Sicy! She acts fine all the other times...it's just not normal for her to act like that in her litter box. Her meows are so pathetic!
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Shell how is that neighbors kitty doing? Have you seen it lately?
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Gizmo is still hanging around. He doesn't come to our house any more, but I do see him in their yard. He's still pretty skinny, but looks healthy. I seen him in the middle of the street yesterday...I was so mad! I just don't understand why they let him roam around outside...especially since they let him in sometimes.

Thanks for asking Teresa...I'm still looking out for the little guy!
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