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early morning meowing

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Does anyone have a solution for making a cat behave in the early morning so the whole house doesn't have to be awakened at 4 AM? It's not food, because she still has food in her dish from the night before. It seems like she just wants company, but really, at 4 AM?!
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Both my cats are on the 4am playtime schedule. I don't even wake up any more, but my sister was visiting a couple weeks ago and it drove her nuts! Sorry, I don't know how to stop it ... since my cats kinda' trained me into accepting it.
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If you are sure your cat is healthy, and if she has been spayed, then the only thing you can do is IGNORE her. Wear earplugs, play music, we used to set our radio alarm to go on at 3:00 a.m. when Kahuna's seranade would begin. It was a lot nicer on the ears to listen to the classical music then his meows, and the classical music seemed to soothe him and he would fall asleep.
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Mine give me the 5AM wake-up call. I've learned to ignore them and in fact have slept thru major play-fights on top of my body at night...I wake up with scratches all the time and wonder what kind of fun they had the night before. Hopefully you are a sound sleeper.
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Momofmany that sounds like me
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