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Dear Alexnell :angel2:

:laughing2:laughing2 Please, please, find a picture of him, I've never seen cat's eyes like that! That reminds me of the sea glass I used to pick up at the beach when I was a child,:girly2: there's not much sea glass anymore and certainly not that many cats (I've only seen one!) with eyes like that.

"Bring me the catnip"...:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:...hmmmmmmmm...I see he's got you under his spell already! Then again, don't they all!! :laughing2 :laughing2

Take Care

Love, Peace &,

Oh, how's this for a pose! :laughing2 :laughing2:
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Attention all cat people! A recent study conducted by a panel of experts at a leading university reveals the "shining eyes" phenomenon which is often observed in cats is not reflected light. It is scanning taking place. "When you see that so-called 'reflection,' bear in mind you're being scanned," said one of the panel's experts. Cats can, indeed, read the minds of humans via their ability to scan; so it's deemed best to think nice thoughts whilst undergoing such scanning.

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Joe; That would seem to explain how they always know EXACTLY what I am thinking. Also, how they ANTICIPATE what I will say and where I will be BEFORE I even know I am going. . . . .
:bat :bat :bat :bat :bat :bat

AND Let's not forget their "Uncanny Ability" to communicate TELEPATHICALY with eachother; so as to always stay ONE STEP AHEAD of us humans ! ! !
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well, now it all makes perfect sense.

back to the top!
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I wish I could put up a picture, but Alex's eyes don't photograph well. They just look like they do in his picture that i use as my avatar. Its just like him to be difficult...
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AlexNell; I used to have the same problem with photographing my cats. It was my fault. Not that I claim to know anything about this, but if you are taking their picture with a 35mm camera; try adjusting the shutter speed. If that doesn't work, be sure you have the right "light sensitive" film. I am sure Nitecrwlr or some of the more knowledgeable photographers here could explain it better.

Alex is a beautiful cat, all the same!
We love seeing pictures of him.
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Okay, my favorite position that Blackie gets into is lying on his back with that "pet me" look on his face. When we go to pet his tummy, he rolls over and arches his neck, because what he really wants is his neck scratched but he knows we can't resist that belly!

Sparky of course is such a little kitten still that all his positions look adorable. The kittenish ones are so cute and loveable, the more cat-like ones look like he is pretending to be a grownup. I like the one with the feet tucked under him, which we call "cat loaf" as in "he looks like a loaf of bread with a head".

But my favorite is any time he falls asleep on me! We all feel so honored when one of them decides to sleep with one of us. How goofy we are!

My absolute favorite cat pose is the two of them together, with Blackie on his side looking all motherly as he takes care of his kitten, and Sparky with his face against Blackie's tummy where he's been "nursing". Wish I could send you a picture of that!
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I love your term "cat loaf"! When black-cat Tonya decides to ambush Michaela or otherwise zoom about the home, she pulls in her limbs and lays her head down on the floor (or whatever surface she's occupying). This posture is termed "The Black Torpedo." When she assumes her "black torpedo" position whilst on my lap, I have to prepare to feel those lovely claws as she launches herself into the air!

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Wow, I've missed out on some pretty funny topics here...gone only 2 days..., but that's all it takes around here :laughing:

Joe,I do believe I am an eccentric in it's purist form :laughing: but then again, I feel that most cat people are.. "but of course" is probably your response...:laughing::LOL: I love your sense of humor...

Alex, I do believe that Darlene has a good point there about the camera. Oh and I'm definitely sure that Nitecrawler could give you some great tips on photography! I'd post a thread, I'm sure you'd get plenty of great answers...For me, I just never use the flash :laughing: :LOL: Kinda makes it really easy for me! :laughing: Talk about lazy!
Well, here's a pretty little Missy just relaxing:

Love &,

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