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What's your favorite cat pose?

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Since we're all cat people here, what is your favorite cat pose? I love when my cat is sleeping in a ball, with her paws covering her face. Sometimes I am convinced that she could answer any question I asked her, she looks so contemplative, if only I could find a way to get inside her head. Sometimes, she just sits or lays, looking at nothing specific yet very cool and collected, and I am sure she is meditating or figuring things out. No wonder we love cats, they are like living engimas, waiting to be figured out.
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My Turtle (she's about 9 weeks now) loves to be on her back. she will flop over when she sleeps, and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen!
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I love it when my cats sleep spread eagle on the floor. They look so innocent and trusting.
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Since I have 2 cats, I have 2 favorites. Ok, 3.

I love to walk around the corner and see Squirt lying on his back with his little paws in the air waiting to get his belly rubbed. When he sleeps with his head down on the floor in front of him, it looks so cute. We call it "sleeping like a dragon".

Joey naps on a chair I have. He twists his little body in multiple directions at the same time. His little belly is facing up, and the fur is always messed-up looking. He looks so adorable.
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I love to see my Socki, sleeping on his back waiting for a belly rub. And Chester is so cute when he is spread eagle on the back of the couch. Although any way they are positioned when sleeping is sooo cute, I just want to snuggle with them and alot of times I do.

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It seems like a lot of your cats do the spreadeagle thing. My Tara does too, usually after she just stuffed her face. It's like she can't lay in any other way. She looks so sweet and content when she does it.
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It seems like a lot of your cats do the spreadeagle thing. My Tara does too, usually after she just stuffed her face. It's like she can't lay in any other way. She looks so sweet and content when she does it.
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One of my favorite poses is when one of the cats is about to pounce o9n a favorite toy. The butt goes up in the air a gives several definite twitches until he makes mince meat of the toy.
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One of my babies sits like a 'china cat' - feet tucked under in front.
The old spread eagle on the back is also a favorite.
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Well I just posted to another post??? I'll just tell it again! Romeo sleeps with his arm stretched out with his head on top of it. Y'all know how kids in school will sit at their desks and sleep on their arm? It's so cute when he does it!!
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I love your description of cats as "little enigmas"! It's so true!

My favorite cat-pose moment occurs when I've awoken after a nap on the couch (this happens at least once a day). Both Michaela and Tonya will have established themselves as body-weights to inhibit my ascending via astral projection or otherwise arising (or descending) from the couch.


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Cats are cute no matter what pose they are in! My Sunni is a VERY fat cat (is on a diet now!) so she tend to sleep on her back with her paws up in the air.

Zebra tends to curl up and as she starts to nod off, her head would droop to the floor then she'd jerk her head up trying to stay awake. (8 months old).

I also love it when Zebra's getting ready to pounce on Sunni or me. She'd lay real low on the floor, start twitching her tail, her head goes low to the floor, her eyes opens real wide, she'd :censor::censor::censor::censor: her head from one side to another then SMACK! (pouncing on either Sunni or me).
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I agree with you, Mr. Cat, a daily nap with kitty is great.

Just added a new kitten to the household. She is fascinated by our fish (30-gallon tank). She sits on the steps or the ledge of the table where we have the tank. It's so funny to watch her follow the fish back and forth. :tounge2:

The other funny thing is how my grown kitty always has to supervise when I am at the computer! It's kind of difficult to type with cat on lap, but I am learning.
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It's a lot TOUGHER to do computer work when a cat is laying on top of papers or books which u are using! That's what Sunni, my big, fat BUT adorable cat ALWAYS do. Whenever I start working from my computer desk, Sunni gets jealous so she ALWAYS come and knows exactly where to lay down- on the exact paper or book that I am using. I would LOVE it if she'd sleep in my lap instead of laying on my books/papers!

I also AGREE about having a nap with cats. I LOVE It when they sleep with me. For the last 2 weeks, they have stopped sleeping with me sooo I have taken to sleeping on the couch because they WILL sleep with me on the couch. Shows how much I like having a cat sleep with me if I resort to sleeping on the couch, huh??!??

That's a good idea about fishies.. I might look into getting a fish or 2 to keep my 2 babies amused during the day. Hmmm...
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I think one of my most favorite poses of all is when any cat at all kinda lays half way on her but and starts cleaning themselves with their feet out...it's so funny:LOL::laughing: and even funnier when they're a bit overwieght..it's so cute!! The other is when the cats are on their backs spread eagle such as Alex here..

oh, and don't ya just love this carpet!!! :laughing: When I first bought this place the woman just adored lime-green.... I had to renovate...It was so scary! However, I can't complain, they were the nicest people and they took really good care of this place too! So, I got a great deal and knowing I was moving into a loving home Well, here's one of my boys from long ago...
God Love Him He's in Heaven
Love &
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...ahh! that's one of the cutest photo I've seen. Anyway, my cat does the same pose and I really like it especially when she is sleeping like that.
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Catarina - I love that picture! Muffy's never done that in her life. She likes to lay down with her legs all tucked under her. She looks almost legless. Sometimes she crosses her front paws like the little lady she is.
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Dearest kittyangel & Dawnt91 :angel2::angel2:

:LOL::LOL: I'm so glad you enjoyed the pic...I used to have this other one that I'm really going nutso trying to find it because it's so darn funny!!! :LOL::LOL::LOL: My x husband :laughing::laughing: had the worse smelling feet YUK!!! :LOL::LOL: and one time I had the best pic in the whole world to prove it too! Kerry's shoes were by the armoire and Alex was spread eagle like that right by his shoes!!! I couldn't even imagine how he could do that:confused2:...that cat must've had no sense of smell...!!! He was so darn cute...Alex of course :LOL::LOL::LOL: Well, here's the other pose I really adore too.

Love &
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That picture is so hilarious :laughing: :laughing:
I assume the cat is a male, he has the same look my fiance gets when he's watching some TV shows. :laughing: :laughing:
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Dearest bren.1 :angel2:

Now that was the most hilarious response I've heard all day!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: Yes, that is a male! :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Now, we can we do about that look! :LOL::confused3:

Love ya &
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I don't really have a favorite cat pose; all of their poses are cute!! Fluffy, though, is a silly girl. When she sleeps sometimes she looks like Super Girl with her arms stretched out in front of her!
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Catarina, I think the look is just another male trait we have to deal with, like the remote growing out of his hand and not stopping to ask directions.

It's a good thing women are tolerant.:tounge2:

My cat is fascinated by shoes, too, even smelly ones. Go figure.
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This is my all-time favorite pose of Joey, taken with my bargain basement digital camera. (<--- apologizing for "suck" quality of photo). He makes nappy time in this position everyday.
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Dear Deb :angel2:
In the spirt of orange tabby's everywhere, again I use this font color :laughing: I got to ask you, does Joey have gold eyes too?
He sure looks like Opie's brother...'cept Opie never had an orange brother! :LOL: They were black, tortie and tortie and black :LOL:, so I'm told by my x-boyfriend...That's where I got him from

Well, I love the pic...it looks a lot like what the Opster does when he reclines...what clowns!

Love &

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My favorite is also when my black and white kitty sleeps on his back w/ his paws in the air! He is really chubby, and w/ a white stomach, helooks like a marshmallow w/ legs.
My kitten does this really weird thing where she'll be standing up, but then she lays her head on the floor, and just plops over on her side and rolls around-it is so hilarious. Anyways, it's even funier when she will lay the top of her head down like she is about to do a somersault, but then she stays standing on her hind legs with her butt in the air. My fiance thinks she is the dumb one-poor thing..
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Catarina-is that your cat in the pic w/ the beer and remote?? My fiance e-mailed me that pic a few weeks ago-I thought it was hilarious!!
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Oh my... I think my Jake has the most unique poses. That cat can sleep in ANY POSITION!!! and he will to! I've seen him sleep stretched completely out with his front paws out in front as far as they will go and his back legs extended out behind him as far as they will go. He look sooooooooo long when he does that.. and it does look rather comfortable. I wish I could stretch like that and then fall asleep in that position.. it always feels soooo good when I stretch out as far as I can.

He will also sleep on his back with his front and back paws sticking straight up in the air. It looks sooo funny. Sometimes he'll sleep on his side and cover his face with one paw as if to say "Mommy turn out the light! It's hard to sleep with all these lights on!" He's so precious.

Bastian tends to lay on his side.. and Drew lays on his belly or curls up to Craig's side and snuggles. It's adorable.

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Is the white cat with the remote and the Budweiser your Alex?

He looks exactly like my Alex!!!!

Same fur between the toes, same gray spot, everything.

If he's not yours, please, please let me know where the image came from. I can't beleive my little angel has an identical twin!
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Dear O&P & Alexnell:angel2::angel2:

Wow, did you see the eyes on that cat!!!! To answer both of your questions....no...I got that pic off the net...I can't even remember where to be honest. I wish I could tell ya! Try Webshots.com There's a gazillion shots of kitties that members send in. If you have a problem finding it...let me know and I'll get the page for ya Wow, Alexnell that cat's eyes are so intriguing!! Does your Alex have those eyes!!! Wow!!!

O&P I was referring that Alex was cuter than my x husband...hahhaha! :laughing2 My Alex is shown spread eagle on page one...you'll see him..you won't be able to miss him! What a riot!:laughing2

bren I just noticed you posted again re: you know..hahaha! I'm not sayin a word.....teehee

Love &
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I haven't found the picture yet, Catarina. But that's probably 'cause I ended up looking at all the other cat pictures! I'll keep trying.

Mr. Alex has pale green eyes, very spooky at times. Sometimes when he stares at me I'm almost sure he can control my mind (Bring...Me...The...Catnip). He also has the ability to tilt his head to get his eyes to do the reflection-thing on purpose. I was stumped at first as to how he knew that the light was hitting his eyes the right way, but then I realized, he just tilts his head until he gets a reaction from me.
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