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Anyone interested in starting a book club?

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I was reading the 'favorite fiction writers' thread and it seems like there are a lot of people who like to read on the site. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a book club?

I was thinking something like this...each month, one person could pick a title for everyone to read (hopefully something available at most libraries). The first of the next month, the person who picked the book would start a thread for discussion of that title, while the next person picks out the next title to read...It's still just an idea, so if anyone has any better ideas or has done this before online, please jump in with suggestions!

I always want to join book discussions at the library, but have a hard time committing to a specific time every month to meet. This way, everyone could discuss on their own time schedule...

What do you think?
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I think it's a great idea. Maybe we could read (or re-read) some of the classics.
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I'm in! I'm not big into classics though. I read books from Oprah's club (all the oldrr ones) and they all have a meaning behind them. Great books.
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Im in.... I loove to read... Classic books modern books it doesnt matter to me.!!
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I'm in too!
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Yay, I'm glad people are interested!!!

Maybe we can get things going so we can start in October...
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count me in I think...we could create a "library book meeting" here! tee heee!! Since we can't afford the travelling/boarding expenses
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i'm kinda far to meet up but if it's gonna be online, i'm in too!!
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Ok so we need a name and our first book. Who's gonna pick it? (I will if you want )
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How about the Literary Cats? (get it...'litter'-aray? )

I've got a few questions...

First, is the lounge the place to do this, or should it be moved somewhere else? If it should be moved, to where?

Second, does everyone like the idea of taking turns picking the books we read? Another idea I had was that every couple of months we could each suggest a few, then vote or draw at random from the suggestions (more democratic, perhaps, but also more complicated).

If we're going to take turns, personally I'm fine with Fluffy'sMom making the first selection, for us to read in October and discuss starting November 1. We can then draw names for the next couple of months out of everybody who's left. I think the person who is selecting should let everyone know their choice at least a week before the month begins, so everyone has plenty of time to get a copy of the book.

Third, do we need to set any rules/parameters before we get started? I think we absolutely need to stick with the IMO forum's idea of retracting claws if it comes to anything controversial, but anything else? How about the selections themselves? Do we stick to fiction?

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Hmm ok as far as which forum i think a mod will have to answer that.
I like the idea of someone (say its me this month or whomever) choosing say 3 books then everyone voting on which one.
I myself would prefer to stick to fiction,i rarely read non fiction. As for rules i think it should all run smooth.Maybe each month we could do a theme? December-A Xmas story
January-New beginings
Just a idea
Oh and i like the name
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I will send a PM to the moderators and ask them to take a look when they get a chance.
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Actually, the best place for a Book Club would be in Paws & Reflect. It's now located at the top of The Lounge, right under Fur Pictures. (It usually doesn't get a lot of traffic, so it's easily overlooked.)
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You read my mind, Heidi. Let's put it in Paws and Reflect.
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Will one of you please move the thread?

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This sounds like fun. The ideas are good and I have one of my own: what about the length of the book? should we limit how many pages there should be? some people read slower than others and sometimes someones schedule can make a difference.

I dont know! just throwing things out there....
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I sent this message to most of you via PM, but couldn't send it that way to some, so I'll post it here also...

Just an update for everyone that indicated they would be interested in the book club...

First, the main thread has been moved to the 'Paws and Reflect' forum, and new threads related to the book club should be placed in that forum.

Second, Fluffy's mom has offered to pick a few books for us to vote on to read for October. A voting thread should be out in a week or so.

Third, if everyone is OK with this, I'll draw a couple of names to pick the next couple of months' selections. If anyone does not want to have their name put into the hat, please let me know within the next week or so.

I have this list of interested people from the thread: Harrythecat, Flufy'sMom, Sandra, Kiwideus, Jellybelly, Kateang, and rfox. Please let me know if I missed anyone!

Thanks for the interest in this - I think it is going to be fun!!

Also, if anyone else wants to get involved, just let us know!!
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