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Should divorced parents be forced to pay for tuition?

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Before you answer, read the article here: http://www.cnn.com/2003/LAW/09/16/di....ap/index.html

It is setting a different standard for parents who divorce than parents who stay together.
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Not any more than married parents. I don't get the distinction here. It notes that children of divorced parents have less chance of attending college than married parents. This might be true, but I know of more than one divorced couple where the mother is living on alimony and child support, and the father is living in a slum to pay for the alimony and child support. Neither parent in their financial condition (2 can live more cheaply than one) could afford college. Forcing it on divorced parents only adds to their current financial burdens.

Sorry, I feel for the children, but not that much. My parents were married and couldn't afford to pay for my college. I think the key is the socio-economic status of the parents, not whether they are married or divorced.
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It depends on the financial situation. My uncle is forced to pay tuition for his daughter to go to a very nice private school. He has the money and his wife doesn't. Do I think he should have been forced if he was much less financially stable? Nope.
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Actually, I am tired of one person holding the money bag while the other parent is scraping tuition together and barely living. How about the kids paying for tuition themselves?? Now there's a concept.

Even though my father died before I went to university, I had to make my own way through school without help. I'm not the only one and many people get jobs, get scholarships and do school even part time and pay their way. Even if my dad didn't pass away, we couldn't afford to send me away, so why should people have to pay for a child that is sent away to school (ie: bigger bucks) rather than go to a local institution? I often find divorce and child payments out of line with reality and often a money grab.

From the article:

"Judges need to listen more to how it makes a father feel when a kid says, 'Don't ever call me, I don't want to speak to you, here's my bill for $20,000,"' Boc said. "It drives people crazy."

Rob's dad was in this position. His parents divorced and his sister moved in with the mother. When it came time for university, he got the bill even though Rob's sister didn't want anything to do with him, except his money.So Rob's dad took his case to court. He said he was more than willing to pay, but he at least wanted some information, a letter saying how she was doing, or what courses she was taking etc. (he had no idea what school she was attending or what program). The courts order her to send her father updates on her marks and progress in school, except these letters threatened him and told him off instead. Again, he went to the courts and showed the letters and hate he was receiving and Rob's dad didn't have to pay any longer.
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ditto Russian, my hubby had to pay for his sister's tuition, apartment, bills, etc while she didn't go to school all the time nor graduated, she got married before it became to hard for her
I'm all for kids old enough to drive and get a job and work their way through school, if the parents can't afford it.
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Parents are not obligated to pay for their childrens' college educations. By the time that a person is in college, they are usually legal age and should be responsible for themselves.

If a parent can afford it and WANTS to pay for college - fine and dandy. Otherwise, kid get a job, scholarships and loans, just like I did.

Too many kids think that somebody OWES them everything in the world. They need to be taught to be responsible for themselves.
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I put myself through college back home - I didn't ask my parents to pay for it as they have 6 other kids and cannot afford it.
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The problem that I have with it is what Cindy touched on. Married parents are under no legal obligation to pay for their children's college, whereas under these laws divorced parents are. I think this just plays into the victim-entitlement attitude that pervades many of the young people of today. "Woe is me, my parents divorced. NOW GIMME!!"
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This court decision is way out of line. As already mentioned, by the time someone enteres college they are an adult. Any assistance the parents give is a gift, not an obligation. This is apauling.

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