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problem with cat and food

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Heres the thing 3 weeks ago my cat gave birth to kittens there were 8 but 3 died.They are very heathly kittens and are growing fine.
The problem is my cat only ever ate dry food she was very healthy and ate when she felt like it.
Because she looked so skinny after the birth I started giving her some tinned food as well.
Now all hell has broke loose she is jumping on the counter and stealing food she tryed to eat a pie I had cooling on the stove.She
is jumping onto the babies highchair and stealing food and goes nuts if I take anything out of the cupboard. I was giving her the food 3 times a day and still leaving the dry out.
But my big problem is the food stealing she even ate the bagels throught the bag
Her bowl is still allways full of dry so she does have food if she wants it.
Not sure what to do when I start to feed the kittens soft food will she try to eat that to?
Thanks Shelley
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Wow! She's literally eating for 6 now. Sounds like you need to cat-proof your kitchen a bit more. I've stored bread in bins for years now, and put the cooling pies & meats in the microwave with the door cracked a little (a hot pad under the door will wedge it open just a little bit). Keep your cat off the counter by putting double sided tape along the edges. Hopefully she will grow out of this after she has weaned her kittens and is no longer producing so much food for them.

If she tries to eat her kitten's wet food, you might try to give her her own bowl at the same time, or separate mom from the kittens when you feed them. Most mom cats make sure their kittens are fed before they are (at least until they are weaned or trained in the art of hunting), but some cats will surprise you.

Good luck!
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