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Update on Sammy

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Well, last nite I was once again the victim of an unprovoked attack by Sam. We're reaching the point where something has to be done. I called a vet (who specializes it cats) and we have an appointment for Saturday. Hopefully they will be able to help us, but more importantly him. At times he really seems tormented. I'll keep you all updated.

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Sorry to hear that. I hope the vet can help you or maybe refer you to a cat behaviorist.
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I think I know what you must be going through, Rosanne. I had a cat called Arthur who I adopted from a friend who had developed severe allergies. Arthur would get into vicious moods. He would literally dash from one end of the apartment to the other, leap up about shoulder height and propel himself off the wall! I was terrified of him, and tried the spray bottle method to no avail. I even tried putting him in the bedroom to calm down on his own. That seemed to work temporarily. He would go after anything that moved, usually my ankles.

Eventually, a stray wandered into my neighbourhood and I ended up taking it in-the companionship helped his behaviour a great deal. In fact, that's why I kept the stray, who was gorgeous and would have likely been adopted right away from a shelter.

I'd suggest that your Sammy may be just bored-I know how much Simon's arrival helped.

I should add, however, that when I moved out to B.C. with the cats (I by then had one more, making that 3) Arthur did not adjust to the new apartment, which was a bit smaller than what he was used to. He now lives with my mother and her 2 cats and 2 dogs, and he gets to go outside, which was not permitted when he lived with me as I live in an apartment. He was just always really wild. He is now really pretty happy, he goes in and out and seems to have a pretty good sense of his surroundings in terms of safety.

Sorry for the novel.

I hope your vet appointment goes well!
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Anne & Beetle

Thanks for your replies. I'm hoping the vet will be able to point us in the right direction.

Beetle----we've been thinking that maybe he is bored and lonely.....we're going to ask the vet if maybe a companion would be a good idea.

I'll let you know what happens.

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Hi I am new here too but the problem you are experiencing happened to me with my new kittens (except to each other). From what I have experienced is your kitty may be depressed or lonely. I think a behaviorist is a great idea...they may see things you don't..enviroment, food,and especially play. One of the most therapudic things I did (and it really worked) is playing with them, to distract them from their aggression. I know a furball with claws is very scary...but you do not have to pet or touch them to play. Get one of those fishing pole toys at the pet store and play with it by yourself. Sooner or later your little guy will sucumb to his curiosity, and want to play too. This activity with him will work miracles. Eventually he will look forward to the time together.Do it when your watching T.V. or talking on the phone.
Good Luck with the vet
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Well.....we had our appointment today, and Sammy is in good health. After discussing his behavior with the vet and after she got to meet him....she feels that his behavior is very dominant.

She pretty much rejected that idea of getting him a playmate, felt it wouldn't do much good and would most likely aggravate the situation.

She suggested that we first try a product called "Feliway". It is a phermone spray, that can actually calm a cat down. She uses it in her practice, and has had some luck with it. She also wrote a script for Buspar......but first we are going to try the spray.

She was really good with the Sam, they let us stay in the room, while he was examined.....you'd think he was being killed. But they just held him in a towel. At least now his nails are clipped. I felt alittle better when she said that she has seen cats much worse than Sam.......

Sorry this is so long, but I will keep everyone posted and thanks to all for their input....it's appreciated!

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I am glad his vet check went good. Some cats are just like that though. If the feliway does not work, before you try prescription products, there is something at the health food store called rescue remedy. It takes the edge off. We use it with ferals quite a bit. I sure hope he relaxes a little for you!!
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