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My friend's cat finally is resting

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in cat heaven. She;s had her persian for 15 years and was diagnosed with cancer (don't know what). Anyway, he kept getting worse, abcess in the mouth, blood coming out of his eyes and nose. Everyone kept telling her to put him to sleep but she still had hope for him, but after finally taking him to a really good veterinary hospital at Texas A&M, they told her to put him, to sleep and that the other vets were giving her false hope to get more money. By now her cat was deathly skinny and puking up blood. So she finally put him to sleep. question is, what on earth do I get her as a gift? I don't want to get something inappropriate so I'm at a loss. I thought of flowers but those die eventually. Att a loss here, I'll be seeing her next week but wanted to send her something beforehand.
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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about her poor cat. Shame on those Vets who gave her false hopes. Because of them, that poor kitty had to suffer so badly. That just breaks my heart.

When my cat Stanley passed on, one of my friends from work gave me some presents. I didn't even expect a gift, to be honest. Anyway, I LOVE horses, and Dolphins so she gave me a beautiful horse figurine, and an adorable Dolphin Wind Chimes. Maybe you could get your friend something that you know she likes.
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Someone sent a friend of mine that lost her kitty a silver charm with her cat's name on it. It was actually the cats name in egyptian petroglyphs. She LOVED it. I thought this was a great idea.
Please give my best to your is sad when any furbaby crosses.
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When I lost one of my German Shepherds, a friend gave me a small tree to plant in my yard.
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Rest in peace poor little one .

If your friend has a house , maybe some flowers to plant in memmory of her cat .
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My aunt had a persian named Bubba. He died a long time ago but she never got over it. I think just recently she got another kitten.

I'm sorry about your friends cat. It sounds like an awful way to go.

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That poor cat! And shame on those greedy vets for giving your friend false hopes!!

I'm not sure what to suggest as a gift, but if you're artistic, maybe you could either draw or paint a nice picture of your friend's cat and frame it for her.
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Thanks everyone, I have told her about this site so hopefully she'll join one day. Thank you all for your ideas and kindness, I will convey them to her. I used to draw which I would have done but I injured my thumb pretty good a few years back and haven't been able to keep up with it anymore.

I do like that idea Sicy!!! Thanks a lot for that, I am getting that as soon as I get the tidbit info needed. That's a great idea and beats the charmbracelet idea even though I'm still thinking of getting her a charmbracelet with cats and paws on it, anyone have any idea where I can get one, I'm having a tough time finding one that is complete without having to pay for the individual charms and the charm bracelet...
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I'm sorry about her cat passing on.

I like everyones ideas here for gifts
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Oh, I'm so sorry your friend's kitty passed, but it sounds like it was the right thing to do. Poor little guy, I'm glad he's no longer suffering.

And I like Sicy's idea for a gift.
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That poor baby suffered much more than needed, glad to see that he's finally resting peacefully.

And Sicy, that is probably one of the most beautiful gifts you could give. I've always love the Rainbow Bridge...
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OMG--I am so sorry your friend had to go through all that--AND that her poor little kitty was a victim of some greedy vets(because in my opinion, if they KNEW he had no chance, why prolong it's agony?)
I think you got some really good ideas listed here, and hope one of them helps you out!
I can't figure out how to link Ebay on here, but I just did a search for cat bracelet and it pulled up a whole bunch of them on there! So that might help you with that!
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okay I'm braindead cuz I'm an e-bayholic and didn't even think to look on there!!! boink my forehead! Thanks everyone, now everything is complete for her gift searching
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I am sorry for the loss. When I lost Fuzz, the people I work got together and got me a gift certificate at a place that sold plants, pots etc. That way is was a gift from them but I could pick out what would remind of her the most.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
What a great idea! I might buy one of these for my mom who lost her cat last year.
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This website has a nice memorial candle . Scroll almost to the bottom to see the picture.
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Hi Jellybelly,

I sent you a PM regarding this.
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thank you!!! wasn't able to find a good quality charm bracelet off ebay so the ideas posted are better...thanks again everyone
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