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fat cats!

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Hi all,
I am new to this forum and would like some advice. I have kept cats for many years-the oldest at the moment is 18, but I have one very fat tortie! She is on a diet and goes to fat club once a month. The ritual humiliation does nothing to her only to me! What can I do she eats every ones food and the others (3) have to be fed in a variety of places around the house to avoid her.She such a sweetie but I'm sure she will expolode into small furry pieces - help
many thanks
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Hi tulip and Welcome

Maybe if you feed her separed from the others will help and also when your other cats are done take away the rest of the food .
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~~ Welcome ~~
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Welcome to the cat site!

I had/have 2 torties with your same problem - they were both highly dominant females. I jokingly called them little water balloons, and I was afraid if they fell off something they would burst (sound familiar?).

It sounds like you are able to separate your cats during feeding. If your obese girl is not on light food, you might start switching her over now. Do it gradually over a month - start mixing her regular food with 1/4 light for a week, then 1/2 light for the next week, then 3/4 light for the next week. Avoid extra snacks. Of course before you start any serious diet routine, you should consult with your vet and perhaps have her examined.

I was able to take a few pounds off of one of mine, and just started working on my foster Minky.

Good luck!
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Welcome Tulip!

I'm going to move this to the Health and Nutrition Forum for you.
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I would just ask you if you have had her blood checked recently? Obese cats are open to more health issues than regular sized cats. It would be a good idea to see a vet (if you haven't already) and have him place her on a diet as well. Crash diets done without vet supervision can sometimes result in some really dire consequences to the cats themselves.

Welcome to the board by the way.
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Originally posted by tulip2454
She is on a diet and goes to fat club once a month.

Are you serious? I have never heard of that
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wow what of lot of useful folk you are!!!!!!! thanks a lot. Fat Katy is indeed under the vet for her weight loss(!) Everything checks out okay she is just greedy. Problems are with the other 3 (one also on the hefty side and pretty spiteful when it comes to food) one old and very picky and easily spooked and one young and skinny who rushes in rushes dinner and rushes out again! Still we are getting there and i will have to persevere I think or just use her as a foot warmer in winter.
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