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Need ideas!!!!

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The company I work for is okay - they pay me well and i have to admit I enjoy it and the work - sometimes feel undervalued - dont we all. However, the team I am on is supposed to try and at least win back some of the customers who we have lost to other gas companies. I dont have a problem doing this and just tell the truth and tell people straight, no lies, no punches, just straight forward advice.
However, I would say that on the team of 12, there are two of us that believe in promoting the products and services and generate about 80 per cent of the sales we get if not more.

My manager - bless her has tried everything to get the others to pull their weight and now I want to have a go.

Can anyone think of a game that will inspire the team to try and get "sales" and win customers back from competition. Its needs to have an incentive - not cash - but something that will make each call a possible promotion prospect for the company that is good enough to pay them each month.

It always seems to be that is carrying them all and my manager and I are sick of it! what incentives do you have at work?

company gave a holiday to Las Vegas away this year as well as a car to some of those who do brilliantly. However, its my team I am interested in and driving and motivating them.

Thanks for any help

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How about Emloye of the month . Like he/she did blah blah blah over the speaker kind of thing ? I think they do that over here in the us .
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Do you guys work on a commision basis? If not a day off with pay to the person with the highest sales per quarter/month maybe. I worked for a company that used paid days off as incentive, and EVERYBODY wanted to win.

Something that wouldn't involve any company money would be a pot of some sort. Everybody chip in 10 dollars, and whoever has the highest sales that month gets it. (If you don't chip in you don't get the pot!)

My only other suggestion would be to have an informal meeting and ask what would motivate people.
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i agree with lotsofkids.. u might want to have like a chit chat session with your team like over dinner or lunch or even a BBQ and check them out like what motivates them... what are they looking forward to in the job... i guess doing this makes it easier to come up with ideas on how to motivate them... it also bonds them together as a team... just my two cents worth...
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