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Owww...I would be nervous about going in for tetanus shots. I HATE needles. But, if it means that an inch of prevention is worth a pound of cure then so be it!

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Ouch Kellye it does look sore, I'm sorry sweety.

I hope you're okay and keep us posted on the doc appointment
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I hope that you are feeling better...wanna see a doozy of a cat bite?

My Razpy had gotten his tail caught under a door, and when I tried to dislodge him in my panic, I pulled the door when I should have pushed it and he bit me. This was on a Saturday. I washed it off, and then actually used a bleach solution on it, which can kill most things, but I wouldnt recommend that for your mouth!

I was working in a hospital then, and when I went to work on Monday and showed it to her, the ER director wanted to put me on IV antibiotics. (She said they could bring a pole to my office lol but I settled for pills!) I also got a tetanus shot. The pic is from the day I was treated, so the brown stuff is iodine solution.

What they worry about more than tetanus is cat scratch fever, and well as a localized skin infection. Cat scratch fever can be pretty bad if untreated. One hint an MD gave me (which wouldnt work for your lip) is that if you get a reddened area from a bit or cut, make a few light dots around it with a pen, so you can tell if it is spreading, which could be an indication of the infection getting worse.

Razpy has a heck of a set of choppers!

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OUCH! Kellye...dang girl! That had to hurt like the dickens! Agree with everyone else...see that Dr! Good luck!

Lucia...lord have mercy! That's one nasty bite! That makes my arm hurt just looking at it!
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Owww, Kellye! I'd go to the Dr.!
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(Well, knowing me, I probably wouldn't go to the doctor until someone dragged me, but I still say it's the best thing to do!)
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Well, now it looks as if nothing has happened to my lip, its really hard to see the bite. But I am still going for that tetanus shot anyway - the last time I had one was when I cut my chin back in 1992 so I sure need it!
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omg Lucia Now THAT is a bad bite!!

I love the demon cat pic though
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Lucia! That has got to hurt a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yowza! Razpy must have been in a lot of pain to attack you like that Poor Razpy and Poor you!
Did it take long to heal?
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Yes, get the shot.

Hope you heal quickly.
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Thanks everyone! It does look like it is starting to heal already!
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Even discounting the bite, it's a good idea to get your tetanus shot...It's recommended that you get one every ten years. That's one of the few health things I make sure I'm up on.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Lucia! That has got to hurt a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yowza! Razpy must have been in a lot of pain to attack you like that Poor Razpy and Poor you!
Did it take long to heal?
Yes, I didnt blame Razpy at all. When I initially tried to help him he was fine, but I definitely hurt him when I pulled the door forward.
It took a good two weeks for the inflammation to calm down, but oddly, I had an atypical reaction to the tetanus shot! It swelled up a little then flattened and faded, which is normal, but then a week later it reappeared, with 2 additional hives below it. No one at the hospital had seen anything like it before. (I had had at tetanus shots at least twice before with no trouble at all.) It was kind of funny, I had MDs stopping me in the elevator to look at my arm, and the infectious disease MD gave me his home number and told me that if anything happened during the night, to call him and he would meet me in the ER!That got me a bit nervous, for sure; I guess he was worried that I would have some severe allergic reaction beyond just my arm. So, I went on another antibiotic and ointments and it eventually went away. (They did suggest that I not get any more tetanus shots lol.)
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