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I got bitten

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We took Peedoodle to the vet for his rabies shot and he got so stressed there (I think due to his declawing, the vet really upsets him), he bit me so hard on my bottom lip that I was bleeding for a while.

I have cleaned up the wound, put peroxide on it - I dont know if this is the right forum for it, but I need to know what I should do to prevent it from getting infected.

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Owchie!! Naughty peedoodle!

Feel better soon !! I think you did the right thing btw.
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LOL thats what the vet's secretary said, but I can hardly blame him, it must have been so traumatic going in and then out without his claws and in so much pain, I dont think he would forget.

He is back to his normal self right now, sleeping in his favourite spot and back to loving on me again.
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I'd recommend going to your doctors, just in case. Cat bites can be nasty, and they may want to give you antibiotics just in case. Also, they may recommend a tetanus shot if you haven't had one in a long time.
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I'm glad he's settled down! What a painful place for a bite, not that there's any GOOD place to get bitten.
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Dont do what i did and left it where Vicki bit me on the day before she died. I was advised by this lot that a cat has a staggering amount of bacteria in its mouth - my finger was caught and she hit the bone and damaged it. I left it 24 hours - it went sceptic. Get to the doctor and get some antibiotics.

Mine still hurts now and then, however, had I listened to all the voices of reason when I got bit, I would not have had a couple of weeks of agont on tablets.

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Oh Kellye, poor Peedoodle! And poor Kellye! That's the one thing we don't do anymore. If the vet needs help, we let a vet tech do it. Our kitties get so upset, and at this point we don't want any part of being the "bad people." We stay in the room with them, but Gary's so funny. When the vet or the tech comes to take one of the kitties out of his arms (if it's Tuxedo or Shel, he's holding them), he acts like they're taking them against his will.

How to treat that kind of wound on a lip, I really don't know. I'd contact a doctor to find out, although depending upon how deep the bite was, the hydrogen peroxide might do the trick. Just keep reapplying it and make sure it's completely cleaned.
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Please go to the doctor! Cat bites are nasty and that is a really bad place to be bit, moist and hot, a hot bed for bacteria!
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Yikes! Yes... please go to the doc.

In the meantime..maybe some salt and water? Kind of let it flow over the bite area. It certainly won't hurt to try.

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I guess that will teach you a lesson to try snogging a cat !! you know they always win. If the cat had taken any fat out of that area of the bottom lip or it gets infected and the doctor has to suck the puss out (puss - geddit - puss - wow I am on form tonight - oh forget it then)- is that whats called lip - o- suction

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Wow! That sounds like a BAD bite, and a terrible location for it. Yes, I would go to the Doctor also.
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I am waiting for hubby to page me with the doctors phone number as he has it in his wallet and he is at work. grrr!
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Please see a Dr. ASAP
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Sending healing prayers Kiwideus way
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Ouch.. Hope it will heal asap. But I agree with everyone that you ned to see dr for the check up on your lip.

I just learned that my Tavish may have cat stratch diease. I am waiting for the vet to confirm it with the lab this week. if he is postive then Tavish and Jude will need to take antibactic. I will also have to call dr for myself to take blood test if i have it or not.. I can't spell it "Bartonville diease" Caught it from flea. I suspect that Tavish has it since he was kittne. In Dc Vet noticed but didn't take blood test.
Till last week, i got a feeling that Tavish does have something because he vomits furball but more than normal. The result was that vet noticed Tavish's gland so big in Syracuse NY. I picked the vet that is for cat only. I guess Vet knows cat only.

good luck
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The earliest the doctor can see me is tomorrow arvo, he will give me some shots - what can I do until then?
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They didnt give you any advice or instructions?
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Nope The women in the office ain't the most friendliest bunch - thats the only part about going to that doctors office that I hate
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Arvo, does that mean tomorrow afternoon? Maybe you should go to the ER. However, if that's not an option, than I would just use peroxide every few hours, until tomorrow. But, I think I'd go to the ER if I were you.
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Glad your going to the doctor. My neighbor got bitten on the finger by his cat and he stayed in the hospital for almost a week. He has been out for about 3 weeks or more and it still isnt fully healed. He has to go to physical therapy a couple times a week too, it got infected really quickly so I'm glad your going to the doc.
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Wow.. I'm really glad Zoey's bites have not broken my skin yet
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Is there heat above the bite? How badly does it hurt? I would not recommend salt water, as it would be caustic to the wound right now, not to mention it would hurt like hell. I would wash it good with an antibacterial soap for right now, and use cotton balls or gauze pads not washcloths. Then I would use hydrogen peroxide but don't swallow it. The peroxide will burn, but it will help and it won't hurt you to get it in your mouth, but again, don't swallow it.
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There is no heat and it doesnt hurt at all. When I use the peroxide, it doesn't hurt at all, does that mean its no good?

Thanks bunches for the tips Hissy! I will do that and get my bum to the doctors!
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It could mean that it is a superficial wound, or that the wound is deep and has numbed the tissue. Still a doctor call is the right one- is it swollen?
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Man, post a pic! The let us decide

Speaking of swallowing peroxide. I remember one time a friend of mine was dying my hair, and we had just gone to her shop to pick up a cup of peroxide.. well I was holding it in one hand on the way home and something else in the other and it was super hot out and I dont remember what the heck I was thinking but I took a drink of the peroxide by accident! We called poison control and I had to try to barf it up That was not fun! lol
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It doesn't look swollen, but then again I have big lips

Let me try and take a pic
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okay, here is a pic, its not very good, I cant get a good quality pic, excuse my fingers (yes i bite my nails )
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lol! You funny girl

It doesnt look bad at all. I wouldnt worry too much about it until you have your dr's apointment.
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ouchie!! I would go to the doc for sure. When rich got bite by granet he went right to the doc for meds.
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