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Do Cats Like Snow??

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I live in Maine and we just got a lot of snow and I am wondering if cats like snow?? My tenant has a kitty cat and I have yet to see him come out in the snow to play....

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50 years ago we had a black cat or kitten, and it was a very hard winter in the UK.  He tried hunting birds in the snow - he hide in it and jumped out at them which didn't work!


Suspect the real answer (as with all questions asking if X likes Y) is some do, some don't.

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My cats aren't thrilled with the snow, but they will go out for short walks. It seems to depend on the temperature. If it's a nice sunny day, they're happy to stay out, but if it's windy they'll run back in pretty quickly. The neighbour's cat is much tougher and he'll hang out in the snow for a while.
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I think most cats don't like snow..Maine here also. if your concerned that your tenants cat is not coming outside to do his business. I'm pretty sure they must have a cat box with litter in in it..Yes we did get alot of snow..Its too deep and too cold for any cat to be outside. Mine are inside only. Unless they are out in their cat fenced area..But they have no interest at all in going out this time of year..

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In general I would say no, Cats are much for cold and wet at any time.

My Ootay angel.gif did, though. She loved to dig in it and roll in it. Tolly angel.gif didn't seem to mind it much either.

My current girls do not. I took them out the other day after a snow storm. Mazy wouldn't even go past the door, Jennie ventured out for a quick sniff, went around the shoveled path and then went back in and then Queen Eva did the same thing.

Cats can suffocate if they get stuck in deep snow, so really shouldn't be let out in it without supervision.
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