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Wesley Clark in Democratic primaries?

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What do you think? Supposedly he's going to announce that he's running tomorrow. He greatly impressed me as SACEUR, particularly during the Kosovo crisis (he was very diplomatic with the Europeans, unlike Bush nowadays,), and I find his commentaries (e.g. for TIME) to be intelligent and discerning. Apparently he's got Clinton and Gore's backing.
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I really l ike the guy. I think he has real integrity. I think I remember reading that Kunucheck (how is that for butchering his name) is wanting Clark to be his running mate.

I wonder whether Clark would consider running for president rather than as vice president???
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According to cnn.com, it looks like he will run for President. As far as I'm concerned, the other 9 may as well pack their bags and head home if/when he announces his candidacy. He seems to have integrity, intelligence, and enough military experience that the middle-of-the-road Republicans who are not happy with Bush could back him.

The only thing going against him is that Clinton and Gore support him.... (KIDDING!!!!)
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Originally posted by valanhb
The only thing going against him is that Clinton and Gore support him.... (KIDDING!!!!)
Naughty girl!!!
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It's official, he's announced his candidacy. http://www.cnn.com/2003/ALLPOLITICS/...ark/index.html

Honestly, I hope the Democratic Party is smart enough to give him a chance even though he isn't already on Capital Hill. Even though I'm a pretty solid Republican, I would definitely give him a chance and hear out his position. Politics desperately needs a new way of thinking, someone who hasn't been so contaminated by the system that they can still think on their own.

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about how he hasn't come out with a position that defines him as any different than the other guys. While having 10 candidates does splinter the Democrats in many ways (fundraising being the big one they mentioned), Clark adds one more person out there "bashing Bush's policies".

IMO, if Wesley Clark wants to define himself as different....try pushing your ideas, perhaps countering them to the current administration but tell us what YOU would do. But the Bash-Bush Campaigning is already getting old, and we still have over a year before elections.
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I just received these three articles bashing Clark. The first one is well written and does a good job of pointing out some contradictions in Clark's statements about the war in Iraq. However, the other two are simply Clark bashing. I think Heidi has an excellent point -- let's get beyond bashing and get to some issues!



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Renae, I only read the first article because I can do without propoganda columns. My view on the "contradictions" is that this man is a retired Army General for goodness sake! Even if in principal he oppose(d)(s) the war in Iraq, militarily he was spot on saying that "Bush and Blair should be proud." Militarily the mission, whether right or wrong, was carried out quickly and efficiently. The comments he made to CNN were as a military analyst. He may be a Democrat, but he wouldn't have made General without being pro-military. Everything he said, to me, sounds just like a pure military man.

Perhaps that is something that will bother a lot of Dems, but for the moderates on both sides I think it's a good thing.
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I saw him on an interview last week and he sure was looking presidential. My first reaction is positive, but I reserve final judgement until I hear his stance on issues.
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Heidi, you have an excellent point. For those of us who aren't in the military, it is really easy to forget that a military person cannot speak out against their superiors. And any good analyst will discuss issues on both sides of an argument, not just those issues personally believed in.

I sure hope to hear more about Calrk's positions so I can decide for myself whether he is trustworthy and a man I can support.
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He has a master's degree and was a Rhodes scholar. I'm not a degree snob by any means, but I like the idea of an intelligent president.

CNN.com has a site that gives bios on the different candidates - not too in depth, but I found it interesting. I definitely need to do my homework, because I feel very uninformed about most of them!

I haven't done a link here before, but I'll give it a shot...

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Here's a BBC profile:

I question whether he, as some suspect, is positioning himself for the vice-presidency? By entering the presidential race, he doesn't have to commit to any one candidate.
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