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only child syndrome

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I have a seven year old cat (boy) and a three four year old cat (girl). The boy cat has always been jealous if the girl cat comes near me or sits in my lap. He would jump on her to kick her out of my lap so that he could lay there. He has always done this, but jumping on her was as far has he went with it. He stayed the same for 4 years, but recently, she can't even walk in the room or he will hiss, growl, and get really aggressive toward her. He now chases her out of the room. My poor little girl is so scared that she won't come near me unless she knows he is in the other room or sleeping. It's almost as if she thinks I am causing him to act that way.

In addition, the male cat gets jealous of my boyfriend and I. My boyfriend and I have been together for 1 year and we spend all of our time at my house. At the beginning, there were no behavioral issues. Now, he seems to be betting an only child syndrome. One on one, he is the perfect cat, but when two people are talking or sitting next to each other, he will meow (very loudly) until you stop what you are doing, pick him up and make him the center of attention. It's very annoying and frustrating. Even if you get him to stop, he will come back 5 minutes later and start up again. If you give in, he just wants to break things up, will jump out of your lap and come back again in 10 minutes to do it all over again.

It is so frustrating. It's like the world revolves around him and he will make everyone's lives miserable unless he is the center of attention.

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is he neutered? If not neutering will help. There is a Bach Flower Remedy Chicory that will help him calm down as well. 3 drops on his tongue once a day, as well as investing in a Comfort Zone Room Mister by Feliway. All these should help him be more comfortable with the changes in his life. Start taking your boyfriends sweaty undershirt and feeding your boy cat on it daily. That will help as well. But again if boy kitty is not neutered that will go a long way to stopping aggression if it is testerone related. Your cat also could be ill and you might not know it, a vet visit would be wise as well. When he yowls, ignore him. I know it is hard, but just ignore him.
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He was neutered at 3 months. He started spraying at that point. I will try the other things you mentioned.

Thank you.
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