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Things are going well for Flowerbelle!

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Flowerbelle is doing great! The initial intros which I've already written about went well. Our gang did NOT react at all normally to her and everything seemed like it was going to be fine.

BUT.... The follow-up went not so well because she's terrified of the big cats (reinforcing our idea that she was mauled by a cat). At first we thought it was going to be a breeze - then we thought it was going to take forever. Now it's going better than we'd hoped.

She loves being out and about despite the cats being around - she just doesn't like it when they sniff her for too long. The funny part is Spooky isn't afraid of her as normal - and she'll walk up to Flowerbelle, sniff at her a bunch - until Flowerbelle turns around and holds a paw up. Then Flowerbelle turns around and Spooky hisses. It's just so funny because Flowerbelle can't hear the hiss, and if she's not looking, she can't tell Spooky's hissing, so she doesn't react to it!

She's pretty much out and about all day, but we have to keep a close eye and run to her rescue when anyone gets too close for too long. It does seem that she's learning pretty quickly that they don't want to hurt her, and she's generally not scared of Tuxedo (which is SO funny - he's being the best with her!). She's wary of Lazlo and Sheldon. Shelly is usually so good, but since everyone has gotten over the upper respiratory illness, they've all got LOTS of energy, and he bonks out playing sometimes, and will kind of run over her or get too excited playing, so she's leary of him. And I've fixed the Lazlo problem, which was so strange because we've never had an issue introducing a foster or new cat into the house with him before. He would walk up to her, be nice, smell her - and then reach his paw out and tap her. Not bonk, not hit, just tap. But she would slink down, ears back. He's never done that before with new cats, so it was weird. But Lazlo LOVES being brushed in the bathroom. Mind you, I'd let him in there once a day or so when Flowerbelle wasn't in there - but he was always too distracted looking for her food to be brushed. The past few days she's been out all the time except at night, and I put ALL her stuff away, which seems to have done the trick. I hauled him in there and brushed him - and then he was back to normal. He'll sit next to the bathroom door (if closed) or in it (if open) and meow for me to come brush him. And since we've been back to that routine, he's nice as pie to Flowerbelle. So it's going pretty well. I do think it'll be a while before we feel comfortable leaving her out at night though.

When she had her stitches out, we had them float a fecal again. She still had worms (not unexpected, but disappointing). So she's on panacur from Friday - today, and then gets another dose of strongidt (sp?) tomorrow and then a week from tomorrow. She's still got the cough, and doc says she will until all the parasites are out of her lungs. He wants to finish this course of medication and then see where we stand. Poor little girl!

Her inner eyelid on her left eye still covers part of her eye - but there is a little pupil showing, although the muscles around her eye were damaged or underdeveloped, so it's partially closed on the other side. We'll see how the muscles develop.

But she loves exploring and hopping around on the cat trees, and LOVES drinking out of the drinkwell water fountain!

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I'm so happy and proud for her and you guys. She needs you two, and she couldn't get anyone who would care for her and love her more than you. I think thats just what she needs. It sounds like she's gonna fit in okay, and I'm really glad the introduction process is going well with her and the others!

Also, I think the name Flowerbelle fits her PERFECTLY! When I hear your stories of her and see the pictures of her it is so fitting. Really feminine and kinda petite. She's a doll.

Please post some more pictures soon, I love looking at her!
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I'm glad you are giving us updates on Flowerbelle. She looks so sweet and has been through so much. It's too bad she still has worms. I will keep her in my thoughts and say some prayers on her behalf. It's good to hear the good news that she is feeling at home in your abode.
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Cassie - there are a zillion people on TCS who would love her just as much as we do and take just as good care of her! That's so sweet of you to say, but that little baby girl just makes you melt.

And Nora, round worm is really difficult to get rid of to begin with, because if the infestation is bad, cysts of eggs form (and can be in the bronchial tubes). The worm medication only treats the worms, not the eggs - so you've got to keep going at it until there are no more eggs left to develop. Add to that what appear to be increasingly resistant worms, and it's hard on everyone, especially the little feral kitties. Worm medication is, after all, poison. Poor thing doesn't feel well after she takes it. She IS gaining weight, but she's still a little skinny thing. We don't force food on her, but we sure encourage her to eat it.
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I've been hoping for an update! Sounds like things are progressing nicely. I'm so happy to hear that the others aren't freaked out by flowerbelles presence.

What a lucky little kitty. Her luck sure changed when she was brought into the vet

Laurie, I just gotta tell you, mae mae is the alpha cat at my place. When I sit downstairs to love on C&B, mae of course comes with me. She can't stay away because she might miss something fun and exciting, anyway, I'll be petting cracker & she'll come up and just bat at crackers leg, trying to get her to play. cracker will take off running with mae hot on her heels. She'll run cracker in circles. she's not scared of either one of them and they don't know what to make of her. The other night cope was in the oyster bed, mae jumped in and chased her out and then settled in to nap

we got the new cat tree in and mae LOVES it. she literally runs up and down the entire thing. the s/o was laughing so hard at her last night he had to sit down. she's a trip.
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BTW, snugglekitty went out on saturday and should be getting to you soon!
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Awwwwwwwww that is so great about little Flowerbelle! I really love that name!

I loved reading about Mae too Colby, she sounds like a real character!
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Wonderful updates both of you! Flowerbelle will always be special to your cats Laurie, as they sense her distress and the fact that she is different. They will surround her and protect her for that is their way. The only time that she even stands a chance of getting hurt is if you introduce a new feral unneutered male to the group. But the other ones, will again protect her should that happen. I have seen this type of behavior in my cats when I bring an abused cat or kitten here. Humans should take note of how cats treat other cats that are "different"

Thank you again for rescuing her, and thanks for that contact number. Kathi is going to call Meredith this week! Lets hope two more feral kittens now have a chance at a normal life!
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I am so glad she is getting better!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus

I loved reading about Mae too Colby, she sounds like a real character!

we've started to refer to her affectionately as 'el diablo'

she gets this look on her face and you know you're in trouble
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Originally posted by hissy
Humans should take note of how cats treat other cats that are "different"

Amen to that MA
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Oh MA I'm so glad to hear that!

Colby, LOL! About a week or so before she left here, I said to Gary - we didn't name her right. Her name should have been Pixie because she's such an imp. Guess now that she's getting bigger, she's earned herself a "new" name. Sounds like El Diablo is going to eventually pull Cracker & Barrel out of their shells!! They may have to seek refuge elsewhere in your home, poor things.

And MA - I sure hope they grow to want to protect her. It doesn't seem right at the moment like that's what they're doing. I think they're more curious than anything right at the moment, LOL! "What is this thing? It seems like a cat - but something's wrong with it." Though even Spook is still at her old routines, so she sure doesn't present any threat to them in their minds, so they definitely aren't trying to hurt her or chase her out of their spaces.

And if we had ANY doubt about her being deaf, we sure don't now! She came out to check out the vaccuum monster. She didn't like the air blowing out of the back of the canister (and I never let her get too near the intake hose) - but she loved chasing the metal part of the hose around. I think it must be the way it catches the light. The rest of the gang must REALLY think she's nuts now!!!!!
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Ahhh yes, the vacuum monster!

Kahu sees Peedoodle running away from the vacuum and so he runs away! Silly cat!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Ahhh yes, the vacuum monster!

Kahu sees Peedoodle running away from the vacuum and so he runs away! Silly cat!

awww that is so cute! luckily kahu has peedoodle to show him what he should be afraid of!

I think the vacumm is the ONLY thing mae is afraid of in our house.
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LOL! Kellye - Flowerbelle was asleep when I took out the vaccuum cleaner, so she didn't see anyone scatter.
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She's such an adorable little girl. You and your husband are wonderful, wonderful people for taking this little girl into your lives, and giving her such excellent treatment. God must have been looking out for her, for you to find her. She's a very lucky and very special kitty.
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I love to hear updates and the goings on about Flowerbelle. I agree with everyone that she is lucky you found her and gave her a good home and family! Kudos to you!
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I'm glad Flowerbelle is going okay, She sounds like such a sweetie! Give her some loves from me

Colby, glad to hear Mae has settled in and causing a riot!
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I'm always thrilled to see updates on your rescues Laurie, especially when they're good updates. I'm glad Flowerbelle is doing so well... poor little girl has gone through so much already.

And I'm happy to hear about MaeMae too. I'm glad she's feeling so at home already.
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Ditto what Jenn and everyone else says!
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