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Wonderful story of courage!

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This man should get a medal or recognition of some kind. Taken from cp24.com


Kaur-Hayer Harbajan and Petiu George Ciorau used to be total strangers. But now they share a special bond forged during a near death experience.

On Monday morning, Harbajan tripped and fell off the Yonge and Bloor subway platform. And that’s when 22-year-old Ciorau knew he had only a matter of seconds to help her. So he jumped onto the tracks, hoping to push the elderly woman out of the path of the oncoming train.

But shock and fear made her immobile, so Ciorau was forced to carry her over the high-voltage third rail. And both of them could have been killed if they’d brushed up against it.

Then, he pinned the woman against the outer wall and stared death in the face as the oncoming train slid to a stop less than two metres away from him. The near-miss shook the train operator up so badly that he had to go home.

Harbajan, a newcomer to Canada, wasn’t sent to hospital and was taken home by her sister. It was the first time she'd been in a T.T.C. subway station.

Toronto firefighters who landed on the scene after the incident praised Ciorau's heroics, saying he should be named citizen of the year.

September 16, 2003
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It's nice to see there is some humanity left in the world.
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Wow!! That is so wonderful. I agree, it is uplifting to see that there are still wonderful people like this out there.
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What a selfless and heroic act. You're right, he needs a medal or something. Definitely should have more media exposure; goodness knows we see enough terrible news, it would be wonderful to see something like this on the news!
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Wow, I am glad that they are writing about this wonderful bloke! Not too many people would do something like this!

I remember when I was back home, there used to be a tv programme on called "Heroes" and it was about ordinary NZers who saved someones lives or anything like that, and they would be rewarded with some kind of medal - I loved watching it, very inspiring. Do you remember that show Sam?
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Wow, he definitely deserves a medal. Lucky for that woman he was there to help her.
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Human Kindness shows itself again. He deserves a Medal. Glad to know there are still those who care for others.
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The transit commission is definately going to give him a medal and are nominating him for citizen of the year!
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