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Cool Avon stuff

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Has anyone else seen the current Avon book? They have a cream fleece robe, embroidered with kitties front and back. There are matching terry slippers. Since I have a nice warm robe, I just ordered the slippers. They also have a cute kitty totebag.
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I just looked at and they're not online, must be a book-only special. Will have to hunt up an Avon book to check this out! Thanks for the heads up.
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Oh man!! I tossed mine out without even looking in it I will have to call her again.

I loveee avon stuff though. Mainly their perfumes.
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I like Avon stuff also, mainly their bath products/lotions/perfumes...can't get a catalog though since I don't know anyone personally selling their products...
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So do you have to order online then?
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I love Avon stuff too! Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who sells it either.
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Ebay you guys!!!!!!!!!
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Yeppers. I saw it. Actually... I sell it too. LOL I love the look of the slippers.

They also have a cute little tic-tac-toe game called Cats Versus Dogs.

And the cutest little Christmas Cat pin.

And a pet warmer (Cat and Dog one)

They actually seem to be coming out with alot of kitty stuff. Smart people!
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Do you sell stuff on e-bay? A lot of people who sell their products have shops set up on e-bay but so far I haven't seen stuff like clothes on their stores...
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Oh my.... I've never thought of that!

I have sooooo much stuff at home. Normally I keep it all and make baskets for people looking for last minute gifts.

I don't keep much clothes though.

I'll have to check ebay now and see how they do that. Great way to get rid of all your over-stock.
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Yes, it is a great way to get rid of overstock!

If you have any Sunny Sky you need to list it!! I just paid $40 for a bottle I've been looking for it forEVER!

Alot of the Avon stuff you can get much cheaper than in the booklets. And, I just raided my mom's overstocked collection and I am selling some discontinued perfumes
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e-bay e-bay...I'll visit your store Sicy! Whiser's mom, I'll buy from you if you set up your store on e-bay, they are mostly overstock or they really are selling them as they get the supplies and much cheaper than avon's website...
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OMG!! You guys! My mother sells Avon, she has been for the last 15 years! Many of you mentioned that you don't know anyone in your area that sells it...well go to , and Click on "Ask A Rep" should give you a fill-in-the-blank form so someone can call you! My mother gets people through that all the time!

If you have teenaged daughters, they can sell Avon now...with some help from you of course. That website is: I order stuff every time I can get my hands on a book. It's the greatest!
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I was thinking about ordering the slippers they are so cute . I don't wear morning ropes . Tey also have a nice cats stretch bracelet in silver for $ 7.99 on page 47 .
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Darn! I forgot about the bracelet. It really isn't my style, so I passed on it. If Bill hadn't bought me such a nice, purple fleecy robe, birthday before last, I'd have ordered this one. Can't justify a new robe, when the old one's still good.

Some years back, Avon had two whole pages of cat-themed jewelry and my ex-husband bought both pages for me. I also have a cat-shaped eyeglass-holder pin, from there.
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Sounds great katl8e . I like gold myself
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no one in my zip code....but I'll keep looking...
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I don't know about you, but Houston has a billion different zip codes. Just across the street is another zip code from us. You need to fill out the form or call Avon directly.
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
I was thinking about ordering the slippers they are so cute . I don't wear morning ropes . Tey also have a nice cats stretch bracelet in silver for $ 7.99 on page 47 .

I am just now looking at the one that goes in this week, and my page 47 is nail polish. We are on Campaign 19. Which one are you on? Different parts of the country are all on different ones.
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I just got off the phone with and they said they only carry 80% of the products. After alot of calls, I found out that there is not representative in my area. I was given the districts manager's number and I am now waiting on a phone call back from them. How cute is the robe? Is it long or short? How much is it and how much do the slippers cost? Hopefully I will be able to order it.
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