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The cute things they do

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So I wake up this morning and the first thing I usually do is put a couple of cupfuls of dry food in the furries bowl so they can munch during the day. This morning I was an hour or so late in getting out of bed. I went to fill up their bowl and there was Poppy, fast asleep with her head resting in the empty bowl.

She told me she was starving half to death and collapsed there after dragging herself to the bowl and seeing it was empty. As if I didn't feel guilty enough!
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Awwww, shame you didn't get a pic!!
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Heh. My cats threaten to call the cat welfare agency all the time. Because I am STARVING them to death. At least you managed to get that extra hour of sleep. I would have had cats jumping on my head and throwing things off the night table. They start 2 hours before breakfast.

Maybe Poppy was so weak with hunger she could not make it to the bed.
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Oh my gosh.
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On the nights that I work and my s/o doesn't, he feeds the furries. When I get home 2 hours after feeding time, they are all sitting at their bowls acting like they are starving, and he has not fed them. The little fibbers!
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lmao that is hilarious!

Zoey really doesnt beg for food. She's entirely too normal I mean she'll run into the kitchen in the morning when I get up and patiently wait, but she never waits at her bowl.
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That is too funny! its a good thing she didnt call child abuse hotline!
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ROFL you guys are so funny! As for the cat welfare and child abuse hotline, you don't know how right you are. My housemate is a senior social worker, working specifically in child protection. I keep telling the cats that I'll give them 40 cents and they can go ring her!
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