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Cat Barrier

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Need some advice:

I have a new adopted American Shorthair (Clyde), and he is approximately 11 months old. He weighs about 8.5 lbs, and is in great health.

My question: I'm a man living alone with Clyde, and we have bonded great. I'm also a model railroader, and am currently constructing a layout in the living room. Clyde likes to sit up there (no track or expensive items yet), but I would like to keep him down.

I'm considering using one of the barrier gates which is extended height of 48".

My question is, can a cat his size vault over that, or does he need something to land on?

I know he can jump that high, since the current railroad table is 52" high. This youngster has energy to burn.

I will be getting him a tree in about a month and will keep it in the back bedroom for him to sit up high.

Do you think I can keep him out with that barrier?

Any help would be appreciated. Will post some pics once I get my digital camera.

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LOL Mike- sorry to laugh. My exhusband collected N-Scale and our two cats Sundance and Cassidy used to love to bat the trains off the track as they were going around. He tried everything he could think of to stop them too- finally the only thing that worked was to make the whole room off limits to the cats. But as you are the only one there and if you spend as much time with your trains as Don did, then your cats will never see you! You might try a scat mat, and I wish you luck!
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Mine are HO scale, but we have to co-exist. I have a unique place, a triplex with L/R,Kitchen then B/R then back B/R and back door.

The back room is our living area, and the L/R has the layout (15'x9'). I'm trying to think of ways to coexist where I won't be tempted to skin Clyde alive the first time he knocks a $100 engine onto the floor.

So, if a barrier will work, I'll install it, and his liter box, food and water will move into the back (litter box is already here).

I don't blame you for laughing, I used to have a customer (when I owned a train shop) that we took a small engine, and mounted a furry mouse around it. The cats would go nuts chasing that mouse while he drove it around the tracks. It was hilarious. Our customers thought so also when we ran it on the shop layout before the customer picked it up.

Cats are by nature curious, so I'm trying to redirect his curiosity.

Mike (for Clyde)
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