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Medical Urinary SO

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I'm stuck feeding my FLUTD cat, and the rest of the cats Medical Urinary SO. I hate that food, such poor quality ingredients. Is there another brand of urinary food that is better quality. (I've tried all canned, raw, etc.His FLUTD is so severe that he gets flare ups if fed anything else)

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I sent you a PM

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Is his urinary pH too high or too low?

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It was too high. And he had crystals.
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Prescription food for struvite stones tries to do a couple things: dissolve stones/crystals by lowering urinary pH and lower the amounts of magnesium and phosphorus so that the minerals needed to form aren't there. The lower amounts of magnesium and phosphorus means that there is less meat, so the food doesn't rank very high nutritionally.


Prescription wise, there are only 3 brands: Hill's (highly criticized as utter crap), Royal Canin, and Purina. My vet said that Royal Canin is better nutritionally than the Hill's, but not as good as regular canned or raw diets.


For my cat, who had a struvite stone, I  add water to regular canned food. I am also working with the vet to add dl-methionine, a urine acidifier. You have to work with the vet on this one, though, because too much of the dl-methionine can cause calcium stones (worse than struvite) and Heinz anemia. Since you have more than one cat, too, it might be hard because you have to get only the stone-afflicted cat to eat the supplemented food. If any of the others eat it, they could develop calcium stones and need surgery. You have to test urine every couple of weeks until a satisfactory pH is reached.

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I have done some additional research over the past few days and found that many owners and vets are recommending Weruva as a food good for cats with struvite. It has low magnesium and phosphorus and high water content. I would still consult with the vet and get urine tested if making a switch, though. Your cat sounds ultra sensitive.

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Please note that the Weruva is low in fat (it still does meet AAFCO standards). So its calorie count is low, about half that of the average cat food.

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Ooops. After looking at Weruva closer, its carb content is high and fat content unusually low. Lots of people like it, though. Just take everything into consideration.

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