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anyone elses cat do this?

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Does anyone else here have a cat who does this? Lexxus, my 2.5 year old tonkinese female, has the strangest habits! Out of nowhere, she gets all excited and wants to show us random objects around the house. She'll start chirping and circling me, wanting me to follow her, and then leads me to some random object that's always been in the same spot. Then she does a little dance and wants to be praised for finding the wonderful 'new' thing. Such exciting discoveries have included the fridge, furniture, nick-nacks, plants, other pets, you name it!! She's just so proud when she finds these things! Anyone else have obessive cats like her?
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Ashley does that when I forget to feed her at a specific time. She'll mew and mew, and I'll get up, and she lead me into the kitchen and like point at the food holder.

Sometimes she'll do it for little things, but not that often.

Its cute when they do it.
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ROFL None of mine do that, but I bet Lexxus is highly entertaining!

The closest we get to that is around dinnertime when Scarlett jumps in our lap then runs towards the kitchen to remind us to feed her her daily meat.
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lol!! What a cutie Lexxus sounds like!
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how funny
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My cat doesn't exactly do that, but he comes and meows at the door until oneof us come to see whta he wants. Then he will take us to either his food bowl or the door to outside. Occasionally, he will show us that Koneko is using something of his, and will we DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE! (Like sometimes he is eating from his food bowl, when she sticks her head underneath and eats from right under his nose!) Bye!

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lol thats so cute!
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