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Return of Coccidia? / cat poop questions

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So, I adopted my kitten (Starbuck) at the end of October.  Shortly afterword, I took her to the vet because she was dehydrated and lethargic.  It turned out she had coccidia.  The vet gave me a 10-day round of oral medication.  After a few days, she started drinking and eating and acting normal again.  


Once in a while, she herself will smell like she had diarrhea and didn't get it off of her, though all of those times she hasn't had anything on her.  It goes away if I bathe her.  I think she's only smelled like that about three times in all, the last one being about two weeks ago while my friend was watching her.  That time, my friend didn't even bathe her and the smell went away.  Other than that she has seemed completely fine.  I just reread the post I made about this, and someone had 


Today, for the first time since I had her, she went to the bathroom outside of the litterbox.  I live with a friend of mine and her dad, so most of the time, Starbuck is in my room.  Her food and litter and stuff are in my room.  As much as possible, when there are people around, she gets free reign of the downstairs.  Usually, she stays where people are, and if I'm downstairs for a long time, she just makes a beeline for the litter box as soon as I go upstairs.  


However, today she just pooped on the carpet downstairs.  So, that in of itself is concerning only because I want to make sure there's not something wrong that would change her behavior.  Are there common reasons why that would happen?  It's only happened once, so I'm not super concerned, but want to be on top of it. 


What I'm more concerned about is that there was a very tiny amount of very liquidy blood (I'm assuming it's blood) in her poop.  It was truly a miniscule amount, but especially because of the coccidia I want to be on top of things.  I know that the coccidia can be hard to eradicate, so if it is starting to come back I want to act quickly.  


The poop itself seemed healthy, and didn't look like it was in the diarrhea territory, but the fact that she couldn't/didn't wait until she could get to the litter box is unusual.  Should I wait and see if it happens again?  Or should I be on the phone with the vet already?  


I just moved from Ohio to northern Virginia, so I need to find a new vet, though I can call the vet who saw her to ask what he thinks in the time being.  I'll make a separate post for this, but while I have your attention, does anyone have a vet suggestion in the northern Virginia/DC metro area?  


Thanks much!  Sorry for the long, disjointed post.  Happy Holidays!

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How long has it been since you finished giving your kitty the meds for Coccidia?


Yes, Coccidia can return, because these microscopic organisms can go into a dormant stage where they will not be affected by treatment, and then reinfect later on. Also, I have had a situation where my kittens were diagnosed with one organism and then when it was cured, the vet discovered that other, different organisms (giardia and campylobacter) were being masked by the first one. Also, it is important to disinfect the environment after coccidia because the organisms can reinfect if not removed.


Here is a useful link about Coccidia

I would definitely be suspicious about the tiny amount of liquidy blood and my conclusion would be that the medicine did not entirely clear up the coccidia OR it went into a dormant state, OR somehow the kitten was reinfected through residual feces-  and it is slowly coming back. 


Other than that, sometimes a kitten or cat will get gassy from a change in diet, or just as their gastro-intestinal system goes through the process of maturing. I definitely recommend probiotics on her food to help cultivate the healthy bacteria that she needs in her GI tract. 

For the diarrhea, you will want to give your kitty pumpkin, you can buy a can and if she won't eat it mixed into her food, you can just wipe a fingerful across her tongue from the side of her mouth, like you are using her tongue to wipe off your finger lol. 


Having said all this about coccidia, a little kitty should still definitely have a litter box on each floor :-). You may not be able to do that, so you should make sure to get her upstairs several times a day and not make it a dilemma for her to figure out what to do. 


Also, now that she has had an accident downstairs, you really need to go to extreme lengths to get the smell out where she pooped, because sometimes cats will poop due to one problem, and then later on will forget why they did it but will smell the old poop and will re-poop in that spot. You do not want that to happen. Use a very strong cleaning product like Odo-ban, and then put baking soda on there and get the smell lifted out, and then cover that spot entirely after it is dry. In fact, leave your kitten in your room while the spot is being treated and drying. 

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Thanks so much for your reply.  Sorry for the delay in my response.  I put a litter box on the first floor, and I took her to the vet, but she's been fine ever since (and no more accidents). 

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